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If you went on the coast of Valletta, you could see the village of Sliema Malta. This village is one of the most densely populated areas in Malta with many amenities around. Here's our guide through the village of Sliema informing you about the best things to do and what to expect.


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Beautiful street in Sliema Malta.

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Facts About The Village Of Sliema

  • The number of residents that live in Sliema account to around 23,000.
  • There are no official sandy beaches, but there is plenty of space where to swim on the coastline.
  • Sliema has a variety of restaurants and hotels.
  • Some of the streets in Sliema were named after British rulers or places. Some include Prince of Whales Road, Fort Cambridge, Norfolk Street, Milner street.
  • Sliema (in Maltese Tas-Sliema) means 'comfort, peace'.
  • From being once a quiet fishing village to now being one of the most dense and active places in Malta.
  • Even though Sliema is a desirable place to live in (which we agree), the extremely high property prices makes you think twice.

shopping in sliema malta

Shopping is the heart and jewel of Sliema, so you will not be disappointed. You'll find a combination of stores and shopping centres along the Sliema ferries.

  • The Plaza Shopping Centre is located in the heart of Sliema. There are many shops here under one roof. It is situated in Triq Bisazza.
  • The Point Shopping Mall is Malta's largest and boasts a selection of local and exclusive brands. It is located within the Tigné Complex which is a prime location in Sliema.
Cars travelling through Sliema ferries.

Staying in Sliema Malta

At Sliema, the majority of accommodations are hotels, apartments and bed and breakfast. Here you will not find any farmhouses.

There are several hotels we recommend:

where to eat in sliema

Every corner you turn you will find either a restaurant, bar, café or kiosk. Sliema is full of places where to eat. Here you will also find popular establishments such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, Costa Coffee and eeetwell.

Things To Do In Sliema

beaches in sliema

  • Sliema is located on the coast so there is plenty of rocky coastline where to put your things and go for a swim. People swim here all year round.
  • Exiles is a popular location where people swim. You can rent a deckchair and 
  • There are no sandy beaches around Sliema, but you could take a bus with a direct route to Golden Bay, Paradise Bay or even Mellieha Bay.
  • There are several Roman baths scattered across the coastline.
  • Beach clubs and waterpolo pitches

boat tours to comino & gozo

Sliema is the main hub where most boat tours leave to Gozo and Comino. From here you can also catch the Valletta to the three cities ferry.

sightseeing buses

Both sightseeing tours (North and South) depart from Sliema and head their way across the islands.

other suggestions on what to do

  • Fortizza - it is a military fort by the British built in 18.. Today it is a restaurant
  • Qui Si Sana gardens - there are beach clubs along the garden. there is playground for children of various ages.
  • There are four parish churches around the whole village.
  • If you love walking, take the opportunity to walk from Sliema to St. Julian's. It is a long promenade by the sea.
  • Walk along the Sliema/Gzira promenade from where you can see the capital city Valletta with its massive fortifications and building within.
  • You can walk behind Tigne complex where you can take photos of Valletta and surrounding areas.

There are several things that you will not find in Sliema such as historical locations, cinemas or any other entertainment establishments and no clubs. All of Sliema is accessible by car except the Bisazza street which is a pedestrian zone.

amenities around sliema

  • Supermarkets - There are several supermarkets scattered around Sliema. Lidl has recently opened its doors near the Stella Maris Parish.
  • Pharmacies - You will find over a dozen pharmacies.
  • Private Hospital - St. James Capua Hospital
  • Banks/ATM's
  • Police Station - It is located at Manoel Dimech Street
Balconies found at Sliema.

Getting To Sliema Malta

by bus

  • Bus From Valletta To Sliema: 13, 13A, 14, 15, 16, 21, N13
  • To Airport: X2
  • Bus numbers that pass by the village: 13, 13A, 14, 15, 16, 21, 110, 202, 203, 212, 222, 225, 233, N13, X2, TD11

by car

  • Sliema is located on the east coast of the island. You find many signs all over the island that direct you towards Sliema. Most of the time you find 'Valletta', but Sliema is in the same direction.

where to find parking in sliema

  • Public parking is not so easy, especially during peak hours. Sliema is quite big so you will have to drive through many streets till you eventually find parking. You might be lucky immediately but that doesn't happen often.
  • There are several parking areas around the village where you have to pay a fee. Due to high demand, the fee is generally costly. There are outdoor and multi-story parking's. There are two multi-story car parks, one located at The Point Shopping Mall (Tigné Point) and near The Plaza Shopping Centre.

getting to gozo from sliema

  • Unless you are taking a tour, there are two ways to get to Gozo from Sliema.
  • The Gozo channel is a common way to access Gozo, as you can go with your vehicle.
  • Gozo Fast Ferry is the second way of getting to Gozo. A 45-minute fast ferry service only supports passenger traffic.

Where Is Sliema Malta

Sliema is located on the eastern coast between St. Julian's and Gzira. 

sliema malta map

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