Lower Barrakka Gardens

Valletta And The Grand Harbour, Fort St. Angelo,
Sir F. Alexander John Ball, Lord Nelson

The Lower Barrakka gardens is situated at the lower end of Valletta on the bastions  overlooking the entrance to the Grand Harbour. Located strategically so, from there one can see a superb view from the very mouth of the harbour.

The garden overlooks the break water, Fort Ricasoli, Rinella, Kalkara, the original Bighi Hospital now is the head office of Heritage Malta, Fort St. Angelo and the creeks and Senglea.

Lower Barrakka Gardens in winter

Located in a position to observe the Grand Harbour from another angle, the Lower Barrakka gardens is the place where you can sit down and relax looking at the splendid panoramic view. It is a nicely decorated garden with pathways and greenery.

- Lower Barrakka gardens opening hours: 07:00 to 22:00

- Entrance: Free to the public

Sitting down on a bench in the shade of a tree, watching the ships entering or leaving port especially the cruise liners like the Costa Concordia, Costa Delizionsa or MV Grand Celebration.

View overlooking the Grand Harbour and south of Malta

A snack bar is located just outside the Lower Barakka gardens. Adjacent there are many important buildings which form part of the Valletta attraction. Not to be missed is the Malta Experience viewed daily in the adjacent building which used to house the Knights of Malta hospital better known as ‘Sacra Infermeria’.

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The siege bells monument is located just across and a must to visit and also a perfect location for photos.

The Siege Bell War Memorial view and the break water in the background

Tourist Attractions and Accommodation surrounding the garden

As soon as you go in on the right side you can see:

- The Valletta Cruise Port also known as the The Waterfront

- The Upper Barakka Gardens

- A continuity of the Valletta bastions along the seashore

- The Grand Harbour inlet spreading in up to the village of Marsa

Walking further in along the bastion wall you can see all the Grand Harbour spread all in front of you. A fascinating view where you can sit down on the many benches and relax observing the view which spread further onto the south of the island.

The break water spreading across the harbour entrance

Fort Ricasoli beside the break water built by the Knights of St. John as a fortification opposit the Valletta bastions to protect the harbour from the other side of the inlet.

Opposite on the other side of the harbour on top of the hill there is the head office of Heritage Malta which was previously Bighi hospital used by the British forces when they were stationed in Malta to accommodate injured troops during any conflict in the Mediterranean.

Central view of the garden with the arches on the side

On the left side of the garden:

- Opposite there is the Siege Bell War memorial and the War Siege memorial. It is a must to visit this location as you will have more incredible views over the Grand harbour.

- Also along the bastions there is the Sacra Infermeria spreading all along the way. This was the hospital of the Knights of Malta which at the time was one of the best hospital in Eurpoe. Today it houses The Malta Experience audio visual show which we recommend a visit.

Further down there is Fort St. Elmo, recently restored and houses the National War Museum. We also suggest a visit to the fort and museum.

On going out of the garden you can walk around in the many surround street of Valletta observing the different architectures.

It is worth having a detailed book in order to be able to ready about the many interesting features of Valletta.


- Valletta Suite Drew

Boutique Valletta House

Apartment in historical building - Grand Harbour 

Valletta Harbour View

Sea View Large Valletta Apartment

Brief history of an important monument within the garden

This garden hosts the monument of Vice Admiral Sir F Alexander John Ball delegated by Lord Nelson to command the blockading squadron and subsequently, chosen by the Maltese Insurgents to lead them against the French in 1798.

The monument of Vice Admiral Sir F Alexander John Ball

It was erected by public subscription in 1810 to honour the first British Commissioner and later Governor of Malta who had directed the blockade of Valletta in 1798-1800 by the allied British and Maltese forces which led to the Maltese islands being annexed to Great Britain under King George III. His monument is a cenotaph in the style of a Doric Temple.

Lower Barrakka gardens is an enjoyable location within Valletta. 

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