The Malta Experience audio show

7000 Years Of History In 45-Minutes + La Sacra Infermeria Tour

The Malta Experience audio visual show is located at the Holy Infirmary of the Knights of St. John Valletta, at a purposely built theatre.  It is presented in 16 languages on a ten meter screen using the latest digital screening technology.

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The outside of Mediterranean Conference CentreThe outside of Mediterranean Conference Centre

It features a journey of 7000 years of fascinating history featuring the neolithic revolution from the Hypogeum, Mnajdra, Hagar Qim and Tarxien Temples. A perfect introduction especially for the first time visitor. Then the Phoenicians to the Roman Empire, the arriva of the Knights of St. John with the famous Great Siege in 1565.

The rise of Napolean that led him to conquer our islands on his way to invade Egypt. Then under the British as a colony up to the present day. Most of these stories have effected the map of the Mediterranean.

We guarantee that after the show you will be thrilled to explore our islands either by yourself or by one of the various sightseeing tours.

How To Book The Malta Experience

  • The first thing is to select the date you would like to attend this tour.
  • Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount.
  • Second, select the number of adultschildren, under 4 years are free which will attend the tour. Family offers are available.
  • If you would like to have transfer and a harbour cruise, select it by pressing the (+) button.
  • After you have selected the information, click confirm selection.
  • The next step is to fill up the form with your accommodation and personal details.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • In the comments section you MUST enter the time you wish to go on the tour. The times are 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00.
  • Then click Book & Pay.

Secure payments guaranteed

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in coupon box to get 5% discount.
eTicket (mobile ticket) is available.

Malta Experience Ticket Prices & Admission

  • Six tours each day.
  • Length of each tour is 45 minutes long.

Tour Tickets: 

The Malta Experience is closed on Christmas Day, Easter Day & New Year’s Day.

The theatre where the audio show is donePhoto By The Malta Experience

How To Get Here

private car

The Malta Experience is located at the bottom of Valletta opposite Mediterranean Conference Centre. You can get there by car by driving round the fortifications of Valletta.

There is no parking area in its vicinity, but you can find parking on along the roads. Be aware that you can only park in the white boxes.

public transport

The only bus stop closest to the premises is a couple of minutes away, but, the only route that goes there is the 133 which is a Valletta circular route. First you must stop at the terminus where most of the routes stop.

If you have time on your hands, before the tour, we suggest that you get the bus from the location you are leaving and stop at the Valletta bus terminus. From there you can walk straight down Merchant Street, which takes you directly to Fort St. Elmo.

If you don't have time, on arrival to Valletta Terminus, you can catch route 133 which will take you closer to the premises.

Practical Information About The Tour

  • Tours lasts for 45 minutes.
  • A recommended tour for children.
  • The show is more of a documentary, but it is very interesting, especially if you know nothing about the history of Malta.
  • A souvenir shop is available with a wide range of gifts where you can purchase a souvenir.

things you should know before going

  • Certain times of the Audio visual show might be delayed by 15 minutes.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought in the theatre.
  • Animals are not allowed except for service animals.
  • You will not be allowed to enter if, you are not dressed appropriately or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

are the premises wheelchair accessible

  • The whole of Malta experience tour is wheelchair accessible. You will find lifts or ramps whenever you need to change floor.
  • Entering the theatre with your wheelchair is possible but only 5 wheelchairs at a time every show.

what languages is the audio guide available?

If you don't understand English or your English is not that good then you can opt to listen to the show in another 15 languages.

The languages are Maltese, French, Italian, German, Swedish,  Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Japanese, Greek, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Finnish, and Polish!

the malta experience map

Some Facts Behind La Sacra Infermeria

  • Built by the Knight of St. John to fulfill their mission to Heal the Sick.
  • 400 years of treatment, care and suffering of human history.
  • Europe’s Longest Hospital Ward – 155 metres long.
  • By 1787 the wards accommodated 563 beds, during emergency to 914.
  • In 1676 inaugurated the School for Surgeons by Grand Master Nicolas Cotoner founded the School of Anatomy and Surgery.
  • Under British Rule from 1800 onwards the Sacra Infermeria became known as the General Hospital, Garrison Hospital and Station Hospital.
  • During the First World War it became the Nurse of the Mediterranean with thousands of wounded service man came from all across the Europe front.
  • During World War II, although it was the police headquarters, was evacuated due to the heavy bombing turning part of it in rubble with four direct hits.

Secure payments guaranteed

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in coupon box to get 5% discount.
eTicket (mobile ticket) is available.

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