St. Julian's Malta Night Photos

St. Julian's Malta Night Photos

St Julian's at night is an amazing place to be in. The reflection of the sea with the restaurants lit up, fishermen's boats, the residential areas, gives the atmosphere of a lively evening walking along the promenade. A little chapel on the hill gives a lovely effect too. The location inspires you to take memory pictures.

An evening walk during the hot summer months is mostly enjoyable. Not least during the winter months it is even more pleasant with the fresh air and colder temperatures. The weather is mostly mild and your walks will not be spoilt. This locality never stops. By early morning you can observe people walking or jogging burning out the last calories.

Photos & Descriptions

The iconic LOVE sign along the promenade with a perfect backdrop where many people meet while walking along. Remember to take your memory photo. Many loved one have left love-locks attached to the steel railing beside the LOVE sign structure.

The Salt and Pepper restaurant is located at the Neptunes Waterpolo club along the promenade at St. Julians in a beautiful location where one can relax looking at the panoramic view. The restaurant is open during the summer season just beside the water edge.

View of San Guliano restaurant located just beside the sea. It occupies the old arched boathouses where the fisherman's boats used to be stored during the winter season.

During summer an evening walk with the moon lighting the bay. Many boats are still at sea since the weather still permits sailing around the coast.

Venture into Paceville. You can choose from themed bars, cocktail bars offering a good range of bars and night clubs. Many of them open till the early morning.

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Take the opportunity to dance away and enjoy the night out with your friends or family.

Paceville night clubs.

Spinola bay with restaurants all lit up with many tourists and locals enjoying their evening dinner. Impossible not to be noticed, make it a point to join all the others.

St. George's Bay sandy beach.

Westin Dragonara Hotel and the Casino

At the water edge there are the restaurants always full. The location is attractive. Nice harbour setting at Spinola Bay.

Enjoy a romantic boat trip with the Maltese dghajsa around Spinola bay up to Balluta bay and back. Enjoy the view of the area from different perspectives. These boats are available just a few metres away from the LOVE sign.

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