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Photos from Il-Karnival ta' Malta

Malta carnival photos is the occasion where we can give you an idea of what you can see as our carnival in Malta and Gozo. It is always held 5 days before lent usually in the month of February.

In Malta carnival is an important event for many Maltese and gozitans.  Preparations are way done for many many months before which includes building of colorful carts, costume making, preparations of various dances, shops preparing costumes to sell for children and grown ups too. 

The word carnival was founded from the Italian word carne vale which means eating meat is valid. As carnival finishes then 40 days of lent starts which is fasting before Easter. Carnival is a time of merriment and enjoyment, letting your hair loose.

Valletta is the main activities where colourful floats are shown round various streets starting from near the prime minister's office the 'Auberge de Castille.  Other places in Malta namely St. Julian's, Ħamrun, Żabbar, Għaxaq, Qormi, Dingli and Naxxar carnival takes place. Dancing, floats, beautiful costumes, children wearing costumes too in the streets brings a certain enjoyment in Malta. 

You must not forget the famous Nadur carnival in Gozo, where merriment and funny moods are taking place. In fact many youngsters enjoy a wild weekend in Gozo. The main carnival in Gozo is held at the capital Victoria Rabat where the floats can be enjoyed along the main road and the enclosure where all the companies present their dance. 

If you like carnival come and visit and see for yourself our famous traditional merriment.

Photos & Descriptions

The carnival floats going uphill into Valletta from the main Girolamo Cassar street towards Auberge de Castile the office of the Prime Minister. It is from here that the parade starts its way into Valletta with the King Carnival float.

This carnival photo shows the parade passing through Merchants street Valletta. Carnival is celebrated over five consecutive days from Friday to Tuesday of the following week. Always the next day is Ash Wednesday celebrated by Christians which starts the 40 days of Lent.

The crowd along the road with participants dressed with their extravagant float costumes. The Maltese carnival is organised by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts. One of the most celebrated events in Malta

One of the floats in Republic street Malta's main Valletta street. Here the photo shows the area beside the law courts. People line up the streets all through with the participants of each float wearing extravagantly coloured floats walking in front of the float.

Preparations start from many months before even much earlier to re start the ideas mature and develop for the theme of the next carnival season. Within the same company there will be around 70 persons with different responsibilities, the float builders from the main steel frames to the float papier-mache formation and artist painters. The costume designers and sewing of the costumes.

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A good number of the group are dancers which start with rehearsals months before with the dance with which they will take part in the competition.

Floats in Republic street Valletta in front of the Teatru Rjal previously was the Royal Opera House which was bombed down during the Second World War II.

Prizes are awarded for the best artistic dances, costumes, floats and grotesque masks. The Maltese Carnival does not, however, consist only of these floats. Throughout the five days of merrymaking, numerous activities take place throughout the island.

A boy dressed in carnival costume not part of the parade but dressed by his parents. It is a custom that parents dress up their children and take them to Valletta to see the parade or to one of the various occasions organized in local villages including those in Gozo at Victoria and Nadur.

A big defile on Floriana's main thoroughfare, accompanied by a fireworks display, will bring the curtain down on this year's celebrations. For the various categories prices are awarded for best dances, costumes, floats and grotesque masks.

Palace Square in front of the Presidents Palace in Valletta. Here the main stands where the dancing competitions take place. It is the area where all the dancing and excitement builds up and where it is best to go. One can also book tickets for a comfortable seat the see the displays better.

Historically in Malta, this entertainment can be traced back to the early 1400s where we find the Universita' issuing directives about the selling price of meat during carnival.

On Tuesday the last day of carnival the big final defile is held at Floriana's main road which accommodates all the parade floats on both sides of the road with a final display of fireworks bringing to an end these celebrations.

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