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A Selection Of Some Of The Best Beaches In Gozo

We are sharing some Gozo beaches photos to give you an insight of how beautiful they are. The biggest sandy beach is Ramla Bay with its reddish golden coloured sand.

You can find others at the end of deep valleys with small sandy pebbly bays, quiet and clean water attracts a handsome group of people but the locations remain quiet for relaxation.

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Most of the areas have no development around them, so they are still in their natural state. Reflect nature in its simplicity with picturesque view colours. Xlendi Bay, although well developed with hotels and holiday flats still so picturesque that attracts you to visit frequently.

All beaches are close to each other. All roads converge at Victoria the capital. So off you go. Enjoy these beaches by visiting a few of them.

Top Gozo Beaches Photos

blue hole dwejra gozo

A stunning natural inlet pool, under the former Azure Window. A hidden location perfect for a pleasant swim. Getting here is a little tricky, but once you arrive you will not want to leave. It is considered to be one of the top diving spots in all the Maltese islands.

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A few people swimming at the Blue Hole in Gozo. Visiting this hidden gem makes you capture the best Gozo beaches photos.The iconic Blue Hole in Dwejra attracts many swimmers and divers

ramla il-hamra bay Sandy beach

Ramla l-Hamra Bay is the biggest and most visited sandy beach in Gozo. It offers plenty of space as it is very wide. The sea is spotless, but in most areas it has pebbles and stones. The bay is far away from inhabited villages so there will not be noise pollution of vehicles passing by. The location is very attractive where you can rent umbrellas and sun beds. 

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People sunbathing on deckchairs at Ramla Hamra bay.Rama L-Hamra Bay sandy beach

dahlet qorrot gozo

Dahlet Qorrot bay is a quiet location with a small sandy beach and adequate side area from where to jump into the deep clear beautiful sea. Local fishing boats are located here with rooms dug in the rock around the bay.

Small boats moored at Dahlet Qorrot bayDahlet Qorrot Gozo - A very quiet and picturesque bay

xlendi malta bay

Xlendi bay offers a tiny sandy beach and ample rocky flat rocks from where to sunbath and jump into the deep clean sea. Xlendi Bay, a very popular location, attracts many visitors all year round. One can fine plenty of restaurants, diving clubs, water sports, hotels and bars.

A view of the tiny Xlendi bay while people swimming in the seaGeneral view of Xlendi Bay Gozo

dwejra inland sea gozo

A tiny beach surrounded by several boat houses. Dwejra bay is located very close to the former Azure Window, which collapsed in March 2017. Many photographers come here to capture the beauty of the location and sunsets. Close to this inland sea you can find a restaurant, cafeteria, public amenities and public transport.

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People disembarking the boat trip at Dwejra bayMany call it Dwejra Bay Malta. Actually it is in Gozo

qbajjar bay marsalforn

Qbajjar area is part of Marsalforn further up on the left side. A nice location where you can swim apart from being an attractive location to walk around and take pictures. Plenty of apartments to rent and well frequented popular restaurants.

Qbajjar bay GozoQbajjar Bay located besides Marsalforn Bay

marsalforn bay gozo

The popular Marsalforn bay having one small sandy beach and the rest a rocky beach where people have selected various spots from where to enjoy a swim. This location is popular with restaurants and many apartments to rent for a holiday or long or short let for tourists and Maltese. 

Sunbeds placed at Marslforn bayThe small sandy beach at Marsalforn Bay

mgarr ix-xini bay

Mgarr ix-Xini Bay is very quiet. A narrow inlet at the end of a valley. High cliffs on the sides. You can arrive here through the villages of Sannat and Xewkija. This bay was the filing location for 'By The Sea' starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2014.

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A view of Mgarr Ix-Xini from the top of the cliffMgarr Ix-Xini a small and secluded bay offers a rich aquamarine life.

wied l-ghasri gozo

Wied L-Ghasri bay is another quiet bay at the end of the Ghasri valley. The bay is very pebbly to descend from the shallow sea area. On the side, plenty of locations from where to jump in the sea. A popular diving site and well visited by pleasure boats.

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People sitting on the rocks at Wied il-Ghasri GozoWied L-Ghasri is popular with swimmers and diver to explore the underwater caves

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