Ramla L-Hamra Bay Photos

Photos With Strong Colours Attracts The Eye

Ramla l-Hamra bay photos very attractive for the eye due to the sand colour and surround natural features.

It is the biggest sandy beach in Gozo. Without saying it is the most visited beach on the island. It is admired by the beauty of its colourful sand that mingles with the beauty of the valley side hills and greenery. The valley leading to the bay is the most fertile in Gozo and although in summer there is rarely any rain you will still see substantial greenery along the lower part of the valley. 

In winter the bay is surely empty. You will only see random people walking along the beach. Since the sandy beach is at the end of a lengthy valley, there will be evidence of a small narrow stream of rainwater at the centre of the sandy beach. The greenery will be in full where we recommend a visit, especially for a walk to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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This valley is very rich in fauna and in fact it is in the hands of by the Gaia Foundation which monitors the natural habitat of this valley. Apart from this, they provide the lifeguard service and an information centre.

Another way how to see this bay is from the top of the hill besides the well known Calypso Cave where there is a vintage scenic view point. An ideal location to take memory photos.

Various remnants of fortifications still exist, although they are all burred under the sand for preservation. The Knights of St John mainly built them as a deterrent to attackers. Further out in the sea there is a limestone wall along the beach parallel to the beach to stop boats from reaching the bay. There are fugal and wall defences hidden under the sand, including remains of a Roman villa.

During the year 1881 a statue of the Holy Mary was built on the site of the redoubt which was part of the fortifications built by the Knights of St. John. It is standing on a limestone pillar painted in white. It is a testimony of the Gozitans faith towards the Holy Mary.

Ramla L-Hamra Bay Photos

view from the mixta cave

On the left-hand side of Ramla Il-Hamra beach, there is a hidden gem called Mixta Cave. In recent years, it has become more popular with tourists and locals and just this year we have just discovered it. The cave offers a beautiful view of the bay and its surroundings. You can read more about visiting the cave here.

view of the sandy beach from Mixta CaveView of the sandy beach from Mixta Cave

sunbathing at the beach

Being that Ramla L-Hamra is the biggest beach in Gozo, you find everything you need to spend a day at the beach. Renting sunbeds, public facilities, restaurant, public parking and public transport (although not exactly at the bay).

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Typical summer with families and friends along the seafront

It is the ideal location for children where they have ample stretches of sand to play. It is safe for everyone and since the beach is deep apart from very wide, it is far from the approach road.

Children at Ramla L-Hamra finds their best combination between water and sand. They are at their free will to get messy with sand and water expressing their ideas with the sand around them.

There are information boards board as soon as you arrive at the beach. You find the facilities services, code of conduct, swimming zones, beach safety flag notifications and protected ecological and historical features.

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Make the best of your visit where you can rent paddle boats, canoes, kayaks and sausage rides. The operator will also be able to offer you a trip to Blue Lagoon. During summer they are always at the beach. Make your stay more adventurous and always take safety precautions for everyone’s safety.

At the bay you find Il-Kcina tar-Ramla Gozo restaurant and the Rose bar and restaurant. 

Information centre run by the Gaia Foundation.

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