15 best photos of malta and gozo

Malta's Most Captivating Photos

These are the 15 best photos of Malta. There are plenty of awesome photo opportunities in Malta both for memories and also to post on social media. These islands are full of beautiful and historical landmarksspectacular beaches, historical villages, stunning architecture, temples and crystal-clear blue sea.

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A View Of Valletta's Skyline

A good vantage point for taking photos of Valletta's skyline is on Manoel Island or at Sliema Ferries. Other possibilities include catching the boat from Sliema to Valletta or sailing out of port for a trip to Gozo and Comino.

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Luzzu Boats At Marsaxlokk

The Luzzu boat is one of the island's most iconic symbols, and we can find it all around the island, mainly in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. These boats line the promenade in the village. The Luzzu style is painted yellow and blue, with two eyes, which are often referred to as the Eye of Osiris, placed on the sides of the boat.

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The Entrance Gate To Mdina

When Grand Master Vilhena enlarged the Vilhena Palace, he had to relocate the main gate laterally to accommodate the extra room. Even now, the original door location may be seen. It has always been the most prominent of the three gates that exist.

Gorgeous Countryside Of Malta

The natural sandy beaches at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and, in the background, Gnejna Bay are adjacent. The two are very popular for swimming during the summer months. Walking along the pathways and crossing one bay to another while admiring the view of the coast is a treat in winter.

Mgarr Gozo

Mgarr Harbour is obviously quite busy today. It is the hub of all marine activities. The harbour area is still very attractive to look at.

From the sea, you get a sense of Gozo's beauty as you see the cliffs and valleys overlooking the port, the splendor of ancient and modern structures, and the gothic church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes in the middle of the panoramic view.

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The Island Of Paradise

Comino is positioned between the two main islands of the Maltese archipelago, making it a great destination for hiking, diving, snorkeling, and swimming. The island of Comino offers so much more than its gorgeous blue lagoon and azure seas. Comino offers a variety of beaches and a trip around the island, which includes St. Mary's Tower.

The Valletta Streets One Must Visit

The grid-like layout of Valletta makes it easy to navigate. Valletta is an excellent location for walking because practically everything is within walking distance. It is impressive how straight these streets are; some are tiny and even more narrow, while others are wide and very long.

The Stunning Ta' Pinu Sanctuary

The Ta' Pinu Sanctuary is a national shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu. They built this church between 1920 and 1931, and in 1931 Pope Pius XI elevated it to the level of a basilica. It is one of the most marvelous architectural marvels for those who wish to observe the interiors or to pray.

It was visited by Pope Francis during his April 2022 visit to Malta.

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The famous Ta' Pinu Sanctuary Island on the island of Gozo.Ta' Pinu Sanctuary Island of Gozo

Fortifications Of Valletta Malta

It is possible to walk all around the bastion walls that surround the city. From either side, you can see the picturesque natural ports. Take the harbour cruise to see all of this magnificence from a different perspective.

During the Knights of Saint John's time in Malta, the fortifications were a complex of defensive walls and other fortresses surrounding Valletta.

According to an 1878 book, Valletta was considered one of the best defended cities in the world. - See Source

Balluta Bay Beach

The lovely Balluta bay beach is located just under the promenade that connects Sliema with St. Julian's and is a favorite spot for a leisurely stroll all year. This area, which includes the Neptunes water polo pitch, is popular for swimming, sunbathing, diving, and water polo.

There are various cafés, pubs, and restaurants around the Balluta square and its surroundings, making it a popular meeting spot.

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Narrow Streets in Birgu

It is an excellent place to visit because it is located in the Grand Harbour. Tourists often overlook it since Mdina and Valletta are more popular. Birgu's fortifications, ancient structures, and surrounds allow visitors to step back in time.

The Knights of St. John named Birgu Città Vittoriosa ("Victorious City") for its vital part in the Great Siege of Malta against the Turkish army in 1565.

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Mdina In Malta Instagram Hotspots

In Mdina, there is a home that is a popular Instagram hotspot for visitors to pose in front of.

It is a magical town where the modern world seems a long way away. Apart from the many people who visit daily, it is popular with tourists for day tours. As evening approaches, things quieten down, and still people visit for the restaurants and view over the bastion walls.

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St. Julian's Promenade Malta

St Julian's is a popular tourist destination on the north coast of Malta. With its historic fishing village and modern tourist attractions, this town has the right combination of charm and modernity.

There are numerous 5-star hotels, promenade walks, restaurants, as well as Paceville's nightlife entertainment that makes it extremely popular with tourists and locals. Because of its versatility, it is an ideal nice location for living and enjoying vacations.

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St. Julian's, a nightlife hotspot.St. Julian's in Malta

Golden Bay Beach Malta

Maltese and tourists alike enjoy Golden Bay on the Maltese Islands. Located in Malta's North West, the bay is very close to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

As evening approaches, many families and groups of friends gather by the sea for a summer evening barbecue and enjoy the view of the sunset.

In addition to locals, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands attracts many leisure travelers.

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Tours Across The Maltese Islands

Visit Malta, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, where you can discover real Maltese charm. Many excursions offer trips to Comino, round-trip Malta cruises, Gozo tours, and beach tours, but Blue Lagoon cruises are the most popular.

On your sailing trip you will probably see some of the major sights of Malta, like the Grand Harbour and the surrounding cliffs, as well as the capital city of Valletta.

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