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Find the best Comino Island Malta photos right here, but before we start here is an introduction about this tiny island.

Seeing Comino Island from the ferry that crosses the channel between Malta and Gozo is hard to imagine. There are cliffs, caves, three small sandy beaches, a nature reserve, and a natural cliff coast that make this a great place to go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just hiking. With a size of only 3.5 square kilometers and only two residents, Comino is a car-free island.

The Blue Lagoon Malta is the island's main attraction.

The Maltese archipelago is a great Mediterranean holiday destination.

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The Island of Gozo From Blue Lagoon Comino Malta

From the lagoon, Gozo is closer to Comino than Comino is to Malta. The shoreline can also be seen from this point.

A boat operator operates between the three main islands all year round, depending on the weather conditions, and the trip is very easy and short.

A view of Gozo island from Blue Lagoon Malta beach.A View of Gozo Island

Crystal Lagoon Malta

Crystal Lagoon is more exclusive than other lagoons. Due to the surrounding high cliffs, it is only accessible by boat. It is one of Malta's most beautiful lagoons. The turquoise water is pristine and crystal clear which makes snorkeling truly enjoyable.

This beautiful Crystal Lagoon was the location for the filming of the Count of Monte Cristo in 2002.

People swimming at the Crystal Lagoon at the island of Comino.Crystal Lagoon Comino

Diving In Comino

On the island of Comino, you have the opportunity to explore the exciting underwater world. Known for its spectacular dive sites, including the caves of Santa Marija, as well as its coral reefs. Come over to Comino and enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world.

Divers preparing to dive at one of the wrecks found near Comino island Malta.Diving Near The Island of Comino

Fernandes Tour To Comino Island

Two Turkish Gullets sail from the Sliema Ferries Marina to the island of Comino especially during the summer season. The Fernandes and Fernandes II are both 38 metre long, two-masted gaff rigged vessels that anchor in secluded bays in Gozo.

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The Fernandes boat en-route to the island of Comino.Fernandes Tour To Comino Island Malta

Swim at Santa Marija Bay

Without tourists and crowds, you can enjoy Santa Maria Bay to its fullest. There's a little beach tucked into the rugged north coast of Comino. Located next to the small police station and St. Mary's Chapel. Unlike the breathtaking Blue Lagoon, one of the Island's most secluded spots offers even more secluded swimming.

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Santa Maria Bay on Blue lagoon Comino island Malta.Santa Marija Bay

Sea Adventure Excursions Tour

Blue Lagoon tours are provided by Sea Adventure Excursions. Comino Island is an undeniable paradise. Our experience with this company was one of our best ever, where they provided excellent service throughout the day.

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The Sea Adventures Excursions tour berthed at the island of Comino Malta.Sea Adventures Excursions Comino Malta

The Blue Lagoon Comino Malta

On the island of Comino, between Malta and Gozo, is the Blue Lagoon Malta, a small lagoon with a turquoise blue sea, perfect for your Malta vacation. Young kids can wade and swim safely in the shallow sea close to the sandy beach.

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People swimming at the Blue Lagoon Malta beach on the island of Comino.The Blue Lagoon Malta Beach

The one and only Chapel

The small chapel is dedicated to the Return of Our Lady from Egypt and it is opened for weekend services only is a Roman Catholic church.

Located besides St. Mary’s Bay, besides the police station and the campsite. The chapel was first built in 1618 but has been restored many times since then.

The only chapel on the island of Comino.Chapel on the Island

Camping on the island of comino

It is possible to set up a tent and stay overnight at Tal-Ful Camping Site. However, you must follow certain rules and regulations before you start camping. A complete list of the rules were issued June 2022.

Tal-Ful Camping Site Comino

Swim and sunbathe at St. Nicholas Bay

Although St. Nicholas Bay is not as popular as its neighboring Blue Lagoon, it is still a popular bathing spot. You can spend a relaxing day here snorkeling in the clear waters while enjoying the surrounding quiet scenery.

With shallow water and sand areas for perching your towel, the beach is suitable for families. It's about 20 minutes by foot from the Blue Lagoon.

People swimming and subathing at St. Nicholas Bay on the island of Comino.St. Nicholas Bay Comino

Santa Maria Tower

The Santa Marija Tower is Comino's most impressive historical structure. This tower was part of a system of towers constructed by Grand Master de Wignacourt between 1618 and 1641 to provide defense and communication between Mdina and Cittadella.

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Santa Marija Tower Comino Malta.Santa Marija Tower Comino

Comino Island Malta Photos

The cliffs of Comino rise vertically from turquoise water. They reach a height of 68 metres above sea level. This rugged coast line is characterized by limestone cliffs dotted with caves. There are plenty of opportunities for walking when the weather is not too hot.

A view of the island of Comino Malta with Santa Marija Tower in the background.Cliffs of Comino Malta

The Island of Cominotto

There is an island called Cominotto on the other side of the Blue Lagoon. You can swim across the channel to reach it. The Maltese call it Kemmunett. If you are with a small boat you can easily land on the beach of Cominotto, which is very small and sandy. It is totally uninhabited.

People on the island of Cominotto.Island of Cominotto

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