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The Azure Window is certainly one of the most eye catching attractions of the island, and is considered one of Gozo's best known landmarks together with the Dwejra Inland sea, the Fungus Rock and for divers the Blue Hole.

It is a high arch with a squarish shape of monumental dimensions formed naturally within the rock formation. Through this large opening in the rocks, sea passes through and one can see the sharp cliffs lying behind this opening.

It is the most photographed location in Gozo because of its imposing size and structure. Walking towards it  you will notice the hundreds of shell fossils embedded in the rocks underfoot.

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All this is an experience in its own right and the closer you approach the Window, the better one can marvel at its very huge size. The open sea is not always calm and so dependent on the weather one gets a different feel of the place every time.

It was created over thousands of years of erosion by wind and sea and so it is doomed to collapse. Last year a large chunk from the side of the outer megalith fell down and is thought that in a few years this natural window will disappear. This is the fate of all windows that have been created by erosion.

Feature Films

The Maltese islands have been involved with the film industry since 1925 where around 100 feature films have been shot in Malta either entirely or partially. The earliest film was called ‘Sons of the Sea’.

Various feature films that have included the Azure Window and its surrounding.

Clash of the Titan released in 1981.

The Count of Monte Christo released in 2002.

The Odyssey' in 1997, an American television mini series.

HBO's TV series Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is an American epic fantasy television dame series during 2012. The Azure Window was the site for the Dothraki wedding during season one.

Sing Handed during the early fifties.

Actor III in 1985.

Among Wolves during 1985.

Christopher Columbus – The discovery released during 1992.

Documentary scenes for Nonsolomoda an Italian program shown on Rete 4 and Canale 5 of Mediaset.

The First Eden: The Mediterranean World of Man which explored the history and culture of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mountain of Diamonds – Italian / French production.

The Azure Window remains one of the main attractions in Gozo.

The Collapse

Last March the Azure Window collapsed to the disappointment of the Maltese and to the many people who had visited it. For the Gozitans it was a historic heritage. It was a stormy rainy day when this happened to the disappointment of many. The big rocks are lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.  

Divers are enjoying exploring the area which has caused a hit in the media news and tourists are visiting the areas where the window used to stand still enjoying taking photos of the site.

The white huge rocks that got fragmented from the massive arch found themselves at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea forming massive uneven structures that are an attraction to divers. They are impressive with various natural cantons and passages for divers to explore.

The white rocks will not remain as they are for long as the marine life is already shaping itself on their surface and for this reason that divers are eager to dive now not later.

The site can be explored with a few dives as it spread over a wide area. It is ideal for a variety of diver certification ranging from 5 meters to 52 mts deep.

Divers have been told to use registered clubs to dive around the site. 

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