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Date Last Updated: 11th February 2021

Carnival Malta is the oldest historical festival during the month of February, which is usually always held during this time as is the custom. Three main venues are held across the islands where it is celebrated in the streets of Valletta, Nadur, and Victoria Gozo.

This is one of the most popular events during February in Malta amongst other events being held during this month.

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when is Carnival Malta 2021?

  • Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th February 2021

Carnival 2021 Malta Program

This is the official program from Festivals Malta.

Costume Exhibition

  • When: Friday 5th February to 7th March 2021
  • Time: Tuesday to Friday 09:00 - 21:00 and Sunday 10:00 - 21:00.
  • Location: Atrium, Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavallier, Valletta
  • Fee: Free of charge
  • In collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv

A competitive exhibition of 24 carnival costumes which were specifically designed for Carnival 2021 Malta. Although the beauty of these garments cannot be enjoyed in motion, they can still be enjoyed for viewing up close in this exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv.

Disclaimer: Temperature will be taken at the door. Cases with flu-like symptoms will be refused entry. Masks are to be worn at all times and social distancing must be respected.

Artistic Installations

  • When: Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th February 2021 
  • Locations: Freedom Square (Near Parliament), St George's Square, Great Siege Square (next to Law Courts)

Competitive artistic installations that were designed and produced by Carnival participants. Due to the pandemic, these static installations have replaced the traditional Carnival floats for this year’s extraordinary edition.

Street Installations

  • When: Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th February 2021 
  • Locations: Ħamrun, Qormi, Swieqi, Marsa, Mater Dei Hospital, Paola

A variety of street installations designed by illustration artists, all produced by carnival participants.

Karnival Bazaar, Id-Dar

  • When: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th February 2021 
  • Time:  09:00
  • Tune in on: Facebook
  • In collaboration with Teatru Malta

An online three part mini-series hosted by Sarah Grech (Wardrobe Supervisor at Teatru Malta), Izzy Warrington and David Grima. Each episode will walk you through the process of making your own easy and ready to wear costumes, masks, and props from home!

Virtual Carnival Malta 2021 - TV Programs


  • When: Friday 12th February 2021
  • Time: 18:30
  • Live on TVM2

There will be a repeat on 15th February at 14:00.

A dramatised rendition of the traditional poetic farce synonymous with Carnival. Set in the Inquisitor's Palace in Birgu, the production will also feature historical insights behind the Qarċilla.

Il-Karnival Tat-Tfal 2020

  • When: Saturday 13th February 2021
  • Time: 11:00
  • Live on TVM2

This is a throwback to last year's Children’s Carnival from St George’s Square.

Mill-Imħażen Tal-Karnival - Part 1

  • When: Sunday 14th February 2021 
  • Time: 11:00
  • Live on TVM2

A feature showcasing the work behind the intricate and magnificent Carnival costumes from the workshops of the participants.

Mill-Imħażen Tal-Karnival - Part 2

  • When: Sunday 14th February 2021
  • Time: 19:30
  • Live on TVM2

The making of this year’s artistic & street installations featuring interviews with the participants, together with behind-the-scenes footage from their workshops.

Viva L-Jiem Tal-Karnival

  • When: Tuesday 16th February 2021
  • Time: 21:30
  • Live on TVM2

A documentary with a retrospective look on Carnival through the ages featuring archive footage, photos and interviews with key historians and personalities.

For more information about the program of carnival in Malta 2021, click here.

Virtual Carnival Parties

carnival matinee livestream

  • Organiser: Sound Salon
  • When: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th February 2021

Livestreamed from three different venues: 

  • DonPe' Carnival Company HANGAR - 12th February
  • A special venue on our sister island, Gozo - 13th February
  • Heritage Malta's Fort St. Elmo - 14th February

Visit their Facebook page for more updates.

A carnival float in Valletta

Carnival Costumes Malta

There are many shops in Malta that offer carnival costumes. Visit their store or see what they have online.

You will notice several people especially children dressed in fancy costumes and adults impersonating popular characters attracting the attention of the crowd making the atmosphere livelier.

Here are some suggestions

Carnival In Malta Locations

Capital City, Valletta

  • Venue: At the capital city Valletta which is the biggest celebration on the islands
  • Location: Performances / stage / seating area – Palace Square in Republic Street
  • Valletta Defile: It starts from the road leading to Auberge de Castille moves along Merchant Street, turns to Archbishop street, then to Republic street where it continues all along up to the Triton Fountain outside of Valletta fortification walls.
  • Floriana Defile: Grand final is held on the last day in St Anne's Street.
  • Participation: Free for everyone along all the streets while the defile is in progress.
  • Tickets: The dance performances of each float company takes place at the Palace Square where one has to buy tickets for the seating around the square.
  • Parking: You can go to the MCP car park, or find parking in Floriana.
A float in Valletta during carnival in Malta during February

Rabat & Victoria, Gozo

  • Venue: Rabat Gozo
  • Location: Independence Square and nearby streets.
  • Participation: Free for everyone.
  • Tickets: For the dance performances held at the Independence Square, one has to buy tickets to be seated.
  • Parking: Around the streets of Rabat or in its vicinity.

Nadur Village, Gozo

  • Venue: Nadur village, Gozo
  • Location: Main village square
  • Program: There us a variety of activities from children to adults. Link to program.
  • Parking: Nadur might be closed, so you will need to find parking around the outskirts of Nadur or some parts where it will be open.

Transport for both Rabat and Nadur: If you are coming from Malta you have to prepare to come early with the ferry. Be prepared to queue for the boat for quite some time.

malta february carnival map

A woman dressed in a carnival costume in Malta

Questions about Carnival in Malta

When is Carnival celebrated in Malta?

  • Carnival Malta is always celebrated before Ash Wednesday. It always starts the Friday before till the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

What is Malta's popular sweet during carnival?

  • During carnival you will find what is called a Prinjolata coming from the word Prinjol meaning Pine Nuts. It is a famous delicious Maltese dessert cake especially prepared for these occasions.

Where is Carnival Malta celebrated?

  • There is the Valletta Malta carnival. You can also go to Gozo where you can visit the village of Nadur which is popular for its spontaneous carnival. At Rabat Gozo there are also a full program of activities along the five days of the activities.

What does Carnival mean?

  • Carnival is a festival that happens yearly, always before Lent commences. It is a festival where people dress up in colourful costumes.

What is the meaning of Carnival?

  • The name carnival is derived from the Italian phrase ‘Carne vale’, which means ‘meat is allowed’. Since up to the day before lent meat could be consumed, then during the forty days of lent, meat was not consumed during meals.

what's the weather like for february?

  • February is a very cold month so thick warm clothes are recommended. Normally during the carnival season it tends to rain so umbrellas and rain coats are recommended.
  • See a more detailed look at the weather in Malta in February.
The carnival Malta defile in Republic Street Valletta

floats during carnival

It is well expected by numerous enthusiasts, cause for several months before artistic companies prepare their extravagantly artistic coloured floats which are erected on lorries and trailers, costumes and dances.

It is a deep traditional merry making aspect of the population that attract your attention with their artistic imagination and colours apart from the mingling of ideas interwoven within the same float.

In the evening during the defile’ another aspect of the floats emerge when they are lit up with LED lighting changing the dimension of the float to a different atmosphere of colours.

Take the opportunity to enjoy these occasions with your family especially with your children.

The origins of Carnival

Carnival Malta dates back to the time of the Knights of St. John when Grand Master Pietro de Ponte in 1535, just five years when they arrived in Malta making this festival almost 500 years old. It is always held during the week just before Ash Wednesday.

It is also said that back to the early 1400 carnival was celebrated locally. There are records showing directives issued by the Universita’ authorities about the prices of meat to be sold during carnival.

But then during the time of the Knights it started to be held officially at Birgu since the knights had their Auberges and administrative buildings located here.

Nadur Carnival Gozo

Nadur Spontaneous Carnival is held every year attracting around 25,000 visitors especially youths who come over from Malta. The most popular is the spontaneous defile’ held after sunset where everyone can participate and dress in all sort of costumes made up from any materials to imaginative ideas. The streets are thronged with people wearing funny, grotesque masks to macabre masks and costumes.

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