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Malta's New Year's Eve Malta Events 2024/25
Partying Around The Islands And The Capital City, Malta

Date Last Updated: 7th January 2024

Get ready to celebrate the New Year in Malta! How can I spend a memorable first night in Malta? On New Year's Eve, it's sometimes difficult to decide what to do. We have created a list of our recommendations for making this New Year in Malta the best imaginable, regardless of whether you are celebrating in a packed club, in the main squares of Malta or Gozo, or at home with friends and family.

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A Christmas tree at Castille square VallettaCastille Square Valletta - First Night Malta

Kicking off the New Year at the capital is one way of doing it. A big concert is held at St. George's Square. This event draws thousands of tourists and locals. The event will have both live music and a fireworks display on the countdown to the new year.

Malta is known for its nightlife, but for New Year's there is no exception. Below is a list of events that are being held all around the island together with links to book your tickets online. Book now to avoid disappointment.

If partying isn't your thing, then have a get-together with your friends for a memorable end of year dinner at one of our islands' many restaurants.

Find out more details about Malta New Year's Eve events or see other Christmas in Malta events.

New Year's Eve Events 2024/25


More events will be added at the end of 2024.

NYE Celebrations In Valletta

This event is free of charge.

  • Venue: St. George's Square and surrounding streets
  • When: Tuesday 31st December 2024
  • Time: 20:00
Click here for more details

Gozo's New Year's Eve 2024

This event is free of charge.

  • Venue: Victoria Gozo
  • When: Tuesday 31st December 2024
  • Time: 20:00
Click here for more details
First night Malta. People walking through republic street Valletta on New Year's Eve.Republic Street Valletta lit up with Christmas Lights

Maltese NYE and New Year's Day Traditions

have a mug of Imbuljuta Tal-Qastan or a glass of champagne

It used to be customary to prepare and serve a traditional Maltese beverage around Christmas and New Year's Eve. Usually made with chestnuts, cocoa, cloves, citrus zest (such as orange or tangerine), sugar, and almonds, this soup is warm and comforting.

The pop of a champagne bottle at the start of every new year has become a traditional way to start the new year joyfully.

families meet up for meals

On both NYE and New Year's Day, there are many family-friendly events, such as countdowns to the new year and traditional meals.

Traditionally, New Year's Eve is marked by a lovely dinner at home, followed by dancing, champagne and music to welcome the new year.

New Year's Day is traditionally marked by a big lunch at home, where typical Maltese dishes are prepared. Around the island, most restaurants will be full on this day.

During tea time, traditional Christmas sweets such as Christmas cake, panettone, and mince pies are prepared.

eat traditional maltese dishes

Maltese tables typically serve dundjan fil-forn (oven-baked turkey) with gravy, potatoes and vegetables, imqarun or timpana (Maltese baked pasta) and lasagne. For dessert, mince pies make a great choice as well as puddings like pudina tal milied (Christmas pudding) or Qagħaq tal-Għasel (honey treacle ring), and other sweets and coffee.

qaghaq-tal-ghasel-malta.webpQagħaq tal-Għasel

a round of wishes all night and day long

While not traditionally Maltese, everyone will wish their family and friends a Happy New Year by sending messages, hugs, and kisses all day and night.

New Year's Eve Malta Restaurants

If instead of going to a New Year's party, you prefer going to dine at a restaurant, Malta has plenty of restaurants where you can dine. Not all restaurants will be open, but the majority will be. Many restaurants will serve a set menu, or buffet, but you will find restaurants which will have à la carte. One thing to make sure of is that you book your table as early as possible due to the high demand of Maltese who go out for dinner.

Apart from dining at restaurants, you may want to celebrate right from your hotel. A few hotels open their restaurants for dining and also for celebration. It is best to check with your hotel to avoid disappointment. Luxury hotels also organise a New Year's Eve ball.

panettone-christmas-traditional-sweet.webpTraditional Panettone

What Is The Weather Like During New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve's weather normally drops to low temperatures, with the temperature usually falling around 11°C during the evening of New Year's Eve. However, this is not always the case.

If you are considering spending the night in Valletta and celebrating New Year's there, we recommend that you dress warmly and carry an umbrella if it seems like the weather will be cloudy on the night.

What To Do On New Year's Day In Malta

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat at, we recommend you book as early as possible since many locals like to eat out on this occasion. You will find restaurants that offer set menus or à la carte.

If it is a nice day, you can go for a coastal or countryside walk as everywhere else will be closed. Many families go for afternoon walks and then go for a coffee at a café.

If you love to party and enjoy a nice drink, you can head down to Paceville where there will be many youngsters celebrating the new year.

All shops, historical sites and other establishments will be closed. The only establishments you will find open are in St. Julian's.

questions people ask about nYE malta - First Night Malta

Where can I celebrate New Year's Eve in Malta?

There are a lot of places in Malta where you can celebrate New Year's Eve, such as St. Julian's, Sliema, Valletta and anywhere else there is vibrant celebration. A variety of galas, street parties, big nightclub events, hotel celebrations, and restaurant dining are available.

Where is the best place to see the fireworks in Malta?

Fireworks are typically set off in Valletta as the new year begins, however, you may see them from anywhere near the harbour. The Grand Harbour of Valletta, the Sliema waterfront, and the Upper Barrakka Gardens are popular spots to view the fireworks.

Where is the biggest New Year's Eve party?

New Year's Eve is a time when people flock to the capital city to celebrate the new year. On that night, Valletta is the biggest party on the island with live music, street celebrations, and a lively atmosphere. Aside from Valletta, there are plenty of other parties on the island to enjoy.

What is the typical dress attire for New Year's Eve events in Malta?

It depends on the type of event you are attending, but in general, people dress appropriately for the occasion. Be sure to check the event information to verify the dress code for each event. If you are heading to Valletta, people tend to dress more casually yet still smart if they plan to roam the city and enjoy the outdoor party.

From where can I purchase tickets for NYE events in Malta?

Tickets for these private events can be purchased online through event websites, ticketing platforms or even directly from the venues. To ensure availability, it is highly recommended that you book your places in advance.

How does public transport operate on New Year's Eve?

Special services are offered by the Malta Public Transport for events such as New Year's Eve. You can also take a taxi, but it is highly recommended that you reserve one in advance.

On behalf of Malta Info Guide, we wish you all a prosperous New Year!

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