Weather in Malta in December

Things To Do, Essentials, And A Love For Christmas

By now the weather in Malta in December is cold and windy with expected rainy days. As we all know, December means Christmas time and we Maltese will be getting ready for this holiday.

It is one of the best times to come over. We have many things you can see and do, so you'll have a blast. Valletta is a great place to experience Christmas spirit, to do Christmas shopping and to find a gift for your loved ones at Christmas markets.

Book any tours or particular visits as early as possible because December is a very touristy month.

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Malta In December - A Quick Glance

Weather In Malta In December

Valletta streets for Christmas. Weather in Malta in December.

Statistics For December

Weather In Malta In December

  • Highest Recorded 25°C (77°F) | Lowest Recorded 4°C (39°F)
  • Highest Daily Average 17°C (63°F) | Lowest Daily Average 12°C (79°F)
  • Daylight Hours Of Sunshine 5.2
  • UV Index 0 to 2
  • Rainfall 108mm (4.6")

For a real-time weather forecast for December click here.

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

  • Austria: 2°C | 36°F
  • Belgium 4°C | 39°F
  • France 5°C | 41°F
  • Germany 2°C | 36°F
  • Ireland 5°C | 41°F
  • Italy 8°C | 46°F
  • Netherlands 4°C | 39°F
  • Poland 1°C |  34°F
  • Sweden -12°C | 10°F
  • Spain 10°C | 50°F
  • Switzerland 1°C | 34°F
  • United Kingdom 5°C | 41°F

What’s the weather in Malta like in December?

Weather-wise, December is a wonderful month to visit. Malta is not an icy island, therefore if you want to get away from the icy or snowy weather, Malta is the right place for you. It is quite common to experience sunny days where in fact, it is quite warm.

Is December The Best Time To Visit Malta?

If you are looking for a holiday where Christmas is taken to another level, then Malta is your destination. December is a holly and jolly month, streets are decorated and packed with people getting their shopping done. Yes, it is cold, but not as cold as other European countries.

what is the weather in gozo like?

Since both islands are close to each other, the weather conditions are typically the same. Gozo is generally slightly fresher than Malta as it is more to the north.

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In December

  • The essential clothing in December for the Maltese is winter clothes. It is not unusual to see people (especially tourists) with t-shirts in the late morning afternoon when the weather is clear and sunny.
  • The clothes you must pack and wear are thick, warm trousers, and closed shoes. 
  • We always recommend packing a jumper, warm jacket, coats, hoodies and scarves. Preferably various layers that will give you the possibility to dress according to the weather conditions.
  • Water-tight closed shoes and walking shoes. Summer flip-flops and sandals are not adequate.
  • A portable rain cover and umbrella are necessary.
  • During this time you do not need any swimwear for the beach unless you will be using the amenities of your accommodation.  

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Things To Do During December

Weather In Malta In December

  • If you love the sea and wish to dive, then you can still do that in December. Diving is possible all year round on the Maltese islands. Just be aware that the sea temperature will be around 19°C during this time of year. Book your diving experience for beginners here.
  • Visit Valletta especially during this month since it will be decorated for the Christmas season. Apart from that Valletta will be transformed into a Fairyland Santa's City where you can join all the other locals shopping and getting ready for Christmas.
  • Being that by this time it would have rained quite a bit, take the opportunity to go for walks in the countryside and admire the ambient we have.
A building in Paola decorated for Christmas.
  • Being that Christmas will be around the corner, there will be many activities around the island such as crib exhibitions, Christmas markets and also several concerts.
  • A good way to entertain your children is to organise a visit to the Popeye Village fun park at Mellieha, especially at this time with Christmas activities.
  • If you want to have some fun and relaxing time you can go to Eden Superbowl for a game of bowling or to the Eden cinemas.
  • Why not hop on a ferry and visit the island of Gozo? Over here you can visit the Bethlehem F'Ghajnsielem live crib. Many Maltese people go up to Gozo for this activity. Apart from that there are plenty of other things to do.

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Top December in Malta Tours

Weather In Malta In December

Quick December in Malta Thoughts

Weather In Malta In December

There are plenty of December events and also November events that proceed through this month.

You will notice Christmas sales and also offers at most of the shops around the island.

The weather will be absolutely beautiful for long walks in the countryside.

Tarxien streets lit up for the Christimas season.

Nobody generally swims during this period because the sea temperature is quite low and will be rough.

The weather during this month is up and down and sometimes unpredictable, so we suggest you check the weather before to your visit.

The temperature rarely falls below 10°C during the day. But during the night temperatures typically fall quite low but not so low.

Average number of sunshine hours are between 5 and 6 hours.

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It is cold outside especially in the morning and evening. During the day it will be a bit warmer depending on the weather some times even hot days. Rain expected. The weather in Malta in December.

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