Weather in Malta in December

The Cold Is With Us

By now the weather in Malta in December is cold and windy.  Morning and evening are surely fresh. Expect rain. If the weather is fine during the day it can also be very warm so expect beautiful sunny days too.

It is one of the best periods to come over. It is Christmas time. Many things to organise and do. You can go to the city in Valletta to feel the Christmas spirit, Christmas shopping and also Christmas markets in certain localities where you find a present to buy for your loved ones. Plan and book so you will not be disappointed.

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Malta In December - A Quick Glance

Weather In Malta In December
Valletta streets for Christmas. Weather in Malta in December.

Statistics For December

Weather In Malta In December
  • Highest Recorded 25°C (77°F) | Lowest Recorded 4°C (39°F)
  • Highest Daily Average 17°C (63°F) | Lowest Daily Average 12°C (79°F)
  • Daylight Hours Of Sunshine 5.2
  • UV Index 0 to 2
  • Rainfall 108mm (4.6")

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

  • Austria: 2°C | 36°F
  • Belgium 4°C | 39°F
  • France 5°C | 41°F
  • Germany 2°C | 36°F
  • Ireland 5°C | 41°F
  • Italy 8°C | 46°F
  • Netherlands 4°C | 39°F
  • Poland 1°C |  34°F
  • Sweden -12°C | 10°F
  • Spain 10°C | 50°F
  • Switzerland 1°C | 34°F
  • United kingdom 5°C | 41°F

Is December The Best Time To Visit Malta?

If you are looking for a holiday where Christmas is taken to another level then Malta is your destination. December is a holly and jolly month, streets are decorated and packed with people getting their shopping done. Yes, it is cold, but not as cold as other European countries.

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In December
  • In December the Maltese dresses winter clothes. It is not unusual to see persons with t-shirts in late morning afternoon when the weather is clear, with no wind and sunny.
  • The clothes you must pack and wear are thick clothes, warm trousers, closed shoes. 
  • We always recommend to pack a sweater, warm jacket, preferably various layers that will give you the possibility to dress according to the weather conditions.
  • Water tight closed shoes and walking shoes. Summer flipflops and sandals are not adequate.
  • A portable rain cover and umbrella are necessary.
  • During this time you do not need any swim wear for the beach unless you will be using the amenities of your accommodation.  

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Things To Do During December

Weather In Malta In December

December is an ideal time to come to Malta especially closer to Christmas day.

Christmas time is special. The Maltese are fond of decorating, buying presents. An important time to be with family and friends.

Take your time to visit Valletta and be part of our daily life. Food has an important place in family lives with lovely dinners and parties. It is a Christian feast well embedded in our culture. You can visit various locations to see the Christmas exhibits and see what the Maltese people have to offer.

A building in Paola decorated for Christmas.

Do find time to take walks in the country side or drive around the many intricate narrow roads within villages like Mqabba, Siggiewi, Lija, Attard. Observe the architecture and life within the village cores.

A good way to entertain your children is to organise a visit to the Popeye Village fun park at Mellieha especially at this time with Christmas activities.

If the weather is not ideal you can always go to the Eden Superbowl for a game of bowling or to the 16 cinemas at the same complex. Adjacent there are numerous restaurants. Close by at Bay Street a shopping mall with a games room and food for all ages, various shops for your needs.

Visit the country side and the islands. Enjoy the fresh air and relaxing atmosphere around you. There are many areas to go and everywhere is close to the sea.

A visit to the capital city Valletta is essential as it encloses many heritage monuments that you should see. We suggest St. John's Co-Cathedral, The Grand Master's Palace and the armoury of the knights of Malta, a 16th century palace Casa Rocca Piccola where a nobile Maltese family used to live.

Another visit in Valletta: The Upper Barakka Gardens with a lovely awesome view of the Grand Harbour. We suggest if you have time to visit the viewing balcony both during the day and an evening visit, sitting on a bench admiring the view.

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Top December in Malta Tours

Weather In Malta In December

Quick December in Malta Thoughts

Weather In Malta In December

December is winter time and is a bit less wet than November but not the coldest although it can be cold and rainy.

This month is quite warm during the day and better in the afternoons when the sun is felt warmer. Surely not during the early morning and evening as it can be very fresh. But when it is windy, cloudy, rainy weather, the temperatures decrease considerably.

It is not unusual that temperatures remain fairly warm during this month and get colder during the last days of the year towards beginning January. The cold temperatures are not comparable to central northern Europe but due to humidity they are felt more cold.

The sea will be more rough. You will see no one swimming. The weather is not warm enough to stay on the beach especially if it is windy or cloudy.

Tarxien streets lit up for the Christimas season.

During December there is a bigger risk of bad weather. The temperature usually under 20°C. It is not unusual for bad storms for a few days. On the other hand the temperatures rarely fall below 10°C.

Daylight in winter is with an average sunshine hours of 5 to 6 hours. Considering Malta is very attractive for a holiday during this time compared to the general weather conditions in most European countries.

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It is cold outside especially in the morning and evening. During the day it will be a bit warmer depending on the weather some times even hot days. Rain expected. The weather in Malta in December.

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