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All Public holidays in Malta come as a great relief to the locals giving families time to have a break to enjoy family and friends or even go for an extended weekend to enjoy some time in Gozo.

All tourist facilities operate as normal though one finds that there is less traffic on the roads and a generally quieter environment.

Public holidays give us the possibility to rest, travel, enjoy a relaxing short weekend in Gozo, spend time with our family and enjoying ourselves taking part in the many activities happening around us.

Useful information for tourists and new comers. Welcome!

All National and Public Holidays are in date order for the Maltese islands covering a complete calendar year. This is a help for you coming here wishing to know the Maltese way of life.

The only date that changes from year to year is Good Friday.

General information

All tourist facilities and services operate normally during these days.

Historical museums - consult our site pages or your tourist reference book.

Normally shops and supermarkets are closed but they do open in touristic areas or at shopping complexes like at The Point, Sliema and Bay Street Complex at St. Julian's.

All confectioneries, bakeries, newsagents remain open all days of the week. There can be those who close earlier during the weekend.

Restaurants, cafes... open as usual for business.

In tourist areas many related shops and services operate during these holidays.

All government offices and agencies, bank branches, factories and all other businesses are closed on these holidays.

All government and private schools are closed.

There is one exception, 13th December being a few days before Christmas, all Maltese start shopping for Christmas. All commercial areas will be a hive of activity.

All public transport operate as usual. Consult your hotel reception desk, or the bus terminus in Valletta or Bugibba. For a full schedules of route buses consult the website of the Malta Public Transport.

31st March Monument Jum Il-Ħelsien, Birgu

The Gozo ferry operates the usual winter or summer schedules

Bank contact numbers during holidays and weekends.

Public holidays in Malta are the most numerous in all European Union countries.

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