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The Malta Public Transport is a very efficient well organised system of transportation visit any location on the island. We provide you with basic information to help you get started and understand the system.

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All the buses on the island are low floor types. They have easy access for people with mobility impairments. Seats designed for persons with impairments, pregnant women and easy for the elderly, also for your children.

See all the routes and times to all villages and to every interchange.

The Best Tourist Cards For Malta

While bus tickets can be purchased from our drivers on all buses, we also offer two cards specifically designed for visitors:

how to use the cards

  • At all of Malta Public Transport Sales and Information offices and other outlets.
  • Once the cards are purchased, they can be used immediately.
  • Once you get on the bus, you must swipe the card on the machine.
  • When you go on the boat or a free entrance in any building, you must show them the card.

Valletta Card

  • Price: €19.00
  • Validity: 24 Hours

the valletta card includes

  • Public Transport to and from Valletta, two trips by ferry to the capital city from Sliema and Cospicua.
  • The 133 route that circles Valletta.
  • Free access to Upper Barrakka lift when using the ferry from Cospicua.
  • Free entrance to any of the three points of interest: The Palace State Rooms, The Palace Armoury, The National Museum of Archaeology and Malta 5D.

Explore Plus Meep Tallinja Card

  • Price: €39.00
  • Validity: 7 consecutive days of unlimited travel

the ExplorePlusMeep Card includes

  • Unlimited 7 day travel on the Malta Public Transport. This includes Tallinja Direct and Night Routes.
  • 2 free trips on the Valletta ferry.
  • 2 free trips on the Tallinja bike in Valletta and surrounding areas.
  • A discount on the Ioscoot. This is an electric motorbike that shares service between St. Julian's and Valletta.
  • Several options of Sightseeing around Malta: 1 full-day travel on CitySightseeing buses (Excluding Gozo) or 1 round trip to Comino during summer or 1 Best of Gozo & Comino trip during winter on Captain Morgan Cruises.
  • Receive a discount on Malta 5D of €2 for adults.

Explore Card

A 7-Day Explore card provides unlimited travel for seven consecutive days only from the time you first swipe the card on the bus. The Explore Card is both for adults and children.

  • Prices: Adult €21 and Children €15

The Explore Card Includes

  • Unlimited 7 day travel on the Malta Public Transport. This includes also Night Routes.
  • Free 30 minutes on the Tallinja bike in Valletta and surrounding areas.
  • A discount on the Ioscoot. This is an electric motorbike that shares service between St. Julian's and Valletta.
  • Free Tallinja Direct Plus on-demand trips.

12 Single Day Journey Card

  • Price: €15
  • Validity: 1 year - You have 12 single day journeys to be used in one year.

how to use the 12 Single Day Journey card

  • You have either 12 single day journeys or 6 single night journeys. You can also combine them both.
  • This journey card can also be shared and is valid for a year from first time of swiping on a bus.

Offers flexibility with reduced fares for 12 journeys.

a simple example of how to use the card

One Person will swipe the card and will be valid for 2 hours. After 2 hours he will swipe it again for another 2 hours. Up till here he would have used 2 journeys from 12.

Two Person will swipe the card twice and will be valid for 2 hours. After 2 hours they will swipe it again twice for another 2 hours. Up till here they would have used 4 journeys from 12.

If you change the bus during a journey of 2 hours you will still have to swipe on the bus but no journey or money will be deducted from the card.

One card can only be used by a group of 12 persons at one time going on a bus for one trip of 2 hours. For the next trip a new card will have to be purchased.

This card is not adequate for tourists but only for those persons who use the bus occasionally

how to get the tallinja cards

  • From Malta Public Transport website. One can order them and can be delivered to their country in order to use them immediately when you arrive in Malta. Shipping fees apply.
  • Malta International Airport from arrivals lounge.
  • Valletta Cruise Port - Valletta Waterfront
  • From sales and information offices of the Public Transport or from a number of partner resellers across the islands. For locations click here
  • All cards can be used immediately when purchased

Bus Tickets Information

Two cash tickets can be purchased from all buses.

The Winter/Summer ticket & the Night Service ticket

Summer Ticket:

  • €2.00 - Duration 2 hours
  • Between Mid-June and Mid-October
  • Operates between 05:30 till 23:00

Winter Ticket:

  • €1.50 - Duration 2 hours
  • Between Mid-October to Mid-June
  • Operates between 05:30 till 23:00

Night Ticket:

  • €3.00
  • 4 main routes
  • Operates every Friday, Saturday nights and public holidays and feast days.

Personalised Tallinja Cards

There are five different personalized cards which will have your personal photo and your name written on them.

Basic Conditions:

One has to register for these cards through the Malta Public Transport website.

Minimum amounts and card fees apply. The credit will not expire.

To register for the Tallinja cards you will need one of the following documents:

  • Maltese Identity card
  • Passport
  • Residence Card
  • Other ID Document

Tallinja App - Android Apple

When boarding the bus make sure the barcode at the bottom of the card is touching the reader and the amount will automatically be deducted.

No credit can be transferred to another customer

Card is updated every 24 hours after use

When you spend the maximum limit on your card for the day, week or month, you will not pay for any fare until the next period starts.

The fees of the following cards do no include night and special service. In regards to these there are other fees which will be deducted from your card.

Adult Tallinja Card

  • Green Card
  • 75c every 2 hours - 1 Journey
  • Maximum Card Limit of €26 every month.
  • Age 17 to 59 years (both included)

Child Tallinja Card

  • Yellow Card
  • 75c every 2 hours
  • 50c every 24 hours
  • €2.00 every 7 days
  • Age 4 to 10 years (both included)
  • Children up to the age of 4 travel for free and there is no need for a card.

Student Tallinja Card

  • Red Card
  • 75c every 2 hours.
  • Maximum €21 for 1 month.
  • €55 for 3 months.
  • Age 11 to 16 years (both included)
  • This card can also be used for students attending a full time course with a recognised educational institute for at least three months.

Gozo Resident Tallinja Card

  • Violet Card
  • 75c every 2 hours
  • Maximum €10 for 1 month (Gozo Only)
  • Maximum €26 for 1 month (Malta & Gozo)
  • Night service is not included.
  • This card applies for residents who have a Gozitan address on their ID Cards.

Concession Tallinja card

  • Blue Card
  • 25c every 2 hours
  • Maximum 50c every 24 hours
  • Maximum €2.00 every 7 days
  • This card is for people kartanzjan holders, Maltese 60+ Identity card holders, EU disability card marked with "MT" holders or special ID cards issued by the national Commission for Persons with Disability (CRPD).

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