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There are twenty two (22) speed cameras in Malta, located in various areas. Be aware of the signs along the roads showing you where they are. But be aware as they can crop up in unexpected places.

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The speed limit varies according to locations. Speed cameras have been set up and located in such roads to reduce the speeding of drivers. Bear in mind that our roads are short, narrow and winding.

Page updated on 10th January 2018

Main road locations with speed cameras

Speed limit 50Km/hr

- Attard road close to cemetery

Speed Limit 60Km/hr

- Regional road Tunnels going to Paceville

- Paceville going to Regional road Tunnels

- Regional road Tunnels going to Marsa

- Regional road Tunnels going to Santa Venera

- Mdina Road Qormi – located near Kia Showroom

- Mdina Road Qormi – located near BDI Showroom

Regional Road Tunnels

- Tal-Barrani road – Tarxien going to Zejtun

- Tal-Barrani road – Zejtun going to Tarxien

- Siggiewi - Zebbug round about to Siggiewi by pass

- Birkirkara Bypass to Mater Dei hospital

- Birkirkara Bypass to Birkirkara

- Airport to Hal Far - same camera both ways

Speed Limit 70Km/hr

- Burmarrad going to Mosta

- Burmarrad going to St. Paul’s Bay

- Rabat going to Zebbug

- Zebbug going to Rabat

- Coast Road to Bugibba

- Mriehel Bypass going to Attard

- Mriehel Bypass going to Valletta

Speed Limit 80Km/hr

- St. Paul's Bay Bypass going to Bugibba

- St. Paul's Bay Bypass going to Mellieha

With many speed cameras in Malta it is a bit hard to remember which speed you are supposed to be driving at but there are locations where the speed is indicated beforehand. You only see a black camera on the road signs. The above list is divided according to speed limit to help you remember. Do keep a brief note.

There are many locations, just before the speed camera there is a sign showing the speed limit. Be careful to notice them.

Enjoy your holiday driving around our islands.

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But usually just before the speed camera there is a sign showing the speed limit.

Beware of speed cameras to avoid any over speeding and fines.

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