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Date Published: 4th April 2020

Malta news provides you with links to website that provide breaking news and the latest updates about what happens on the Maltese islands. You will also find links to all radio stations, newspapers in Malta. Click the links to listen to your favorite radio station or read your preferred newspaper.

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Currently there are 619 cases, 537 recoveries and 9 deaths in Malta

Coronavirus Malta: What You Need To Know, Helpline, Malta Restrictions and quarantine, Malta government info sites, Travel Bans and Latest Updates 

All of the current events in Malta and Gozo are cancelled until further notice!

Malta Coronavirus Updates and Statistics

Follow constant updates about the Coronavirus situation in Malta and follow live statistics and information from the most important organisations in the world.

You can also be updated by checking out Malta's breaking news about COVID-19 by clicking here then clicking one of the website below.

Find The Latest News in Malta

The following are all the Malta news websites where you find all the latest news about the Maltese islands.

Watch Live Malta News Online

You can watch the Malta news online from the following stations

  • Television Malta (TVM)
  • Net News
  • One News

World News Headlines

Direct links to the most popular world headline news websites the Maltese people search for.

Malta Radio Stations

Want to listen to some music whilst working or driving? These are all the Malta radio stations both on the internet and in your car.

Printed Newspapers in Malta Sold Daily

The following are the newspapers sold daily all around Malta and Gozo.

  • In-Nazzjon - Maltese
  • L-Orizzont - Maltese
  • The Malta Independent - English
  • Times of Malta - English

Mid-week Malta Newspapers

  • MaltaToday - English - Published every Wednesday and Sunday

Maltese Newspapers sold on Sundays

These newspapers are only sold on a Sunday around Malta and Gozo.

  • Illum - Maltese
  • It-Torca - Maltese
  • Il-Mument - Maltese

Free offered magazine  Life and Style.

  • Kulhadd - Maltese

- MaltaToday on Sunday - English
Free offered magazines Gourmet Today, Vida, The Architect, Indulge

- The Sunday Times - English
Free offered magazines Pink Magazine, Times Escape, Sunday Circle, Times of Malta Motoring, Eating and Drinking Magazine.

- The Malta Independent on Sunday - English
Free offered magazines: I Do, Malta Business Review, Motoring, First, A&H, Motoring, Taste & Flair and Vamp.

Malta Daily Sports News

The most popular sports news websites the Maltese prefer to search for.

International & Local Football News

Football is the most popular watched and played sport in Malta. Below you find the live score, international football news and local football news.

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