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What is the time in Malta? This is a question that we have been asked many times. When does daylight saving time starts? What is the time difference with England, Spain, New York. We answer these questions here.

What You Need To Know About Time In Malta

The time in Malta showing on St. John's Co-Cathedral Tower.Time in Malta on the St. John's Co-Cathedral

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What Is The Time In Malta Now?

What is the current local time in Valletta, Malta? The clock underneath is showing the current time in Malta.

Time in Different Countries

Time difference in other major cities compared to Malta.

Rome Time

New York Time

London Time

Sydney Time

Beijing Time

What is Malta Time Zone?

  • During Standard Time Malta: GMT/UTC +1 Hour
  • During Daylight Saving Time Malta: GMT/UTC +2 Hour

does malta have one time zone?

  • All the islands of Malta are on one time zone and is part of the Central European Time. Malta's official timezone location is Valletta, Malta.

What is the difference between GMT and UTC?

  • GMT is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, London United Kingdom
  • UTC is a time standard commonly used around the world where these countries have agreed to keep their time scales closely synchronized together.

gMT & UTC abbreviations

  • GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time
  • UTC stand for Coordinated Universal Time

What does UTC mean?

Before 1972 it was called the Greenwich Mean Time in short GMT. Now it is called the Universal Time Coordinated in short UTC. It is also called the Coordinated Universal Time.

What does cET mean?

  • It is the Central European Time which incorporates a number of countries in the European region.

Summer and Winter Time in Malta

what does DST mean?

  • DST stands for Daylight Saving Time.
  • All EU countries who adopt the DST, start and end summer and winter time on the same dates.
  • Nowadays most electronic devices have automatic time zones, so the clocks change on their own depending on where you live.

how to know whether to move the clocks forward or backwards?

Remember this simple phrase:

  • Spring Forward (+1 Hour) and Fall Back (-1 Hour).

when does summer and winter time start?

  • Summer time always starts on the last Sunday of March. The clock moves one (1) hour forward at 02:00.
  • Winter time always starts on the last Sunday of October. The clock moves one (1) hour backwards at 03:00.

the start of summer time in malta

On the last Sunday of March of every year, winter time ends and summer time begins in Malta and the clocks in Malta move 1 hour forward.

  • Sunday 27th March 2022
  • Sunday 26th March 2023
  • Sunday 31st March 2024
  • Sunday 30th March 2025
  • Sunday 8th March 2026

the start of winter time in malta

On the last Sunday of October of every year, summer time ends and winter time begins in Malta and the clocks in Malta move 1 hour backwards.

  • Sunday 30th October 2022
  • Sunday 29th October 2023
  • Sunday 27th October 2024
  • Sunday 26th October 2025
  • Sunday 1st November 2026

Daylight Hours for each Month

Below are the sunrise and sunset times in Malta for the beginning and end of each month of the year starting from January and ending in December

  • 1st January: 07:12 to 16:59 - 09 Hrs 46 Min
  • 31st January: 07:03 to 17:58 - 10 Hrs 24 Min
  • 1st February: 07:02 to 17:29 - 10 Hrs 26 Min
  • 28th February: 06:33 to 17:56 - 11 Hrs 22 Min
  • 1st March: 06:32 to 17:56 - 11 Hrs 24 Min
  • 31st March: 06:49 to 19:22 - 12 Hrs 33 Min
  • 1st April: 06:48 to 19:23 - 12 Hrs 35 Min
  • 30th April: 06:10 to 19:48 - 13 Hrs 37 Min
  • 1st May: 06:09 to 19:48 - 13 Hrs 39 Min
  • 31st May: 05:47 to 20:12 - 14 Hrs 25 Min
  • 1st June*: 05:46 to 20:13 - 14 Hrs 26 Min
  • 30th June*: 05:48 to 20:22 - 14 Hrs 33 Min
  • 1st July: 05:49 to 20:22 - 14 Hrs 33 Min
  • 31st July: 06:08 to 20:07 - 13 Hrs 58 Min
  • 1st August: 06:09 to 20:06 - 13 Hrs 56 Min
  • 31st August: 06:33 to 19:30 - 12 Hrs 57 Min
  • 1st September: 06:33 to 19:29 - 12 Hrs 55 Min
  • 30th September: 06:56 to 18:47 - 11 Hrs 50 Min
  • 1st October: 06:56 to 18:45 - 11 Hrs 48 Min
  • 31st October: 06:23 to 17:07 - 10 Hrs 43 Min
  • 1st November: 06:24 o 17:06 - 10 Hrs 41 Min
  • 30th November: 06:52 to 16:48 - 09 Hrs 55 Min
  • 1st December**: 06:53 to 16:48 - 09 Hrs 54 Min
  • 31st December**: 07:12 to 16:58 - 09 Hrs 46 Min

* 21st June longest day

** 21st December shortest day

European & Non-European Time Zones

Time in Malta is similar to most European Union countries.

It is same as that of Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Few countries are one hour backwards: Portugal, Ireland and United Kingdom.

The countries with one hours forward are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania and Romania.

The following list is sorted according to the time zone and also we indicated if that particular country has Daylight Saving Time.

 shows all the European countries and other for Malta GMT time zone. 

countries with gMT -5

  • New York, United States of America - Daylight saving time

countries with gMT +0

The following countries all have daylight saving time.

  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom

countries with gMT +1

The following countries all have daylight saving time.

  • Austria
  • Albania
  • Andora
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • San Marino
  • Switzerland

countries with gMT +2

The following countries all have daylight saving time.

  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Northern Cyprus - No daylight saving time
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Ukraine

countries with gMT +3

The following countries do not have daylight saving time.

  • Moscow
  • Turkey
  • Belarus

countries with gMT +10

  • Sydney, Australia - Daylight saving time

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