Weather in Malta in June

Dry! – Hot! – Not Quite as Hot As Yet!

What is the weather in Malta in June like? It is already hot. Summer is with us and ideal to visit Malta. Long sunny days, it is very warm and very little rain. June is a great time to swim, sunbathe and be here to enjoy the start of summer.

A Glance Of What To Expect

Weather In Malta In June

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  • What should I pack for a summer holiday? What others wear?
  • Should I come here during this time of the year?
  • Malta in June, is it worth visiting?
  • What are the things I can do in Malta during June?
  • Village festas in Malta. What is the best fieste I can go?
  • What are the cruises to the Blue Lagoon and Gozo?
People enjoying the life at main Bugibba Square

Statistics For June

Weather In Malta In June
  • Highest Recorded 40°C (104°F) | Lowest Recorded 15°C (59°F)
  • Daily Average: Highest 29°C (83°F) | Lowest 20°C (94°F)
  • Daylight Hours of Sunshine 11.2
  • UV Index 9 to 10
  • Rainfall 5mm (0.2")

European Countries Weather in June

  • Austria 19°C | 66°F
  • Belgium 16°C | 61°F
  • France 18°C | 64°F
  • Germany 17°C | 63°F
  • Ireland 14°C | 57°F
  • Italy 22°C | 72°F
  • Netherlands 15°C | 59°F
  • Poland 15°C |  59°F
  • Sweden 9°C | 48°F
  • Spain 21°C | 70°F
  • Switzerland 16°C | 61°F
  • United kingdom 16°C | 61°F

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In June
  • Only summer clothes are recommended. Beach wear, including shorts, bermudas shorts, Tee-shirts, all clothes that do not make you hot.
  • For young children it is recommended to wear long sleeve bathing suits and a hat as they tend to play on the sand directly in the sun.  Good sun screens and frequent applications.
A typical Maltese family at Ghadira Bay Mellieha
  • The evening will be warm but might be slightly fresh. Still summery clothes are enough. Do get a thin sweatshirt or cardigan knowing that you are not sure of what the weather will be like, otherwise leave it in your luggage at least. 
  • For the months June to September mainly summer light clothes, dresses, light shirts an-d shorts.
  • Pack summer clothes, all that you need for the beach including protection against the sun.

Things To Do During June

Weather In Malta In June
  • You can visit the three cities namely Birgu, Bormla and l-Isla. They are adjacent to each other surrounded with fortifications and plenty of historical locations to explore.
  • Evening walks are very pleasant and recommended at this time.
  • Go to a village feast. See the complete list on our site. On the page we provide the final last day of the feast. Almost all villages have festivities spread along all the week prior to the Sunday feast day. There are tourist tours to specific feasts to visit the villages and their evening fireworks too. Ask for further details at the tour operator shops or at your hotel.

Quick June in Malta Taughts

Weather In Malta In June
  • It is summer now dry and hot. 
  • The average temperature for this month increases from 21°C (00°F) from the first days of the month to 25°C (00°F) during the final few days.
  • Daily highs and lows follow the same pattern.
  • Day light is 11 hours, early sunrise and late sunset offers you a long day of activity or sunbathing. You can have a good mix through this long day. 
  • Mornings and evenings are by now also warm, nights tend to be warm. 
  • June is hot but not as hot as July and August where you can experience  heat waves. See the temperature details for this month. 
The church in Kalkara during their village feast
  • You can sunbathe as much as you want. You can have your good tan during your holiday. If you go for sightseeing and walk around to see historical places, the air will be very dry and the heat will have a strong effect on you. Take precautions. Drink a lot of water. 
  • By now the weather is stable. It is summer. Average rainfall is just 5mm over a month with weeks passing by and no rain. But there is some form of precipitation for around three days during this month. It is mostly moderate rain with thunderstorms or light rain. There were exceptions that occurred once a while.

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