Weather in Malta in November

Cooler at Last Somehow - But Still Beautiful

Are you coming to Malta in November? The weather starts getting cooler even the evening so ideally bring over an umbrella, cardigan and a light jacket. Nice to explore the countryside. Also ideal for long walks in the countryside.

Here Is What You Need To Know

Weather In Malta In November
  • What is the weather in Malta during November?
  • Is it the right time to visit Malta?
  • What should I pack and wear for my holiday in Malta during November?
  • What type of weather do you have here?
  • Then what is best to pack for a holiday in Malta during November?
  • What are the things we can do during November while in Malta?

Statistics For November

Weather In Malta In November
  • Highest Recorded 29°C (84°F) | Lowest Recorded 6°C (42°F)
  • Highest Daily Average 21°C (70°F) | Lowest Daily Average 15°C (85°F)
  • Daylight Hours Of Sunshine 6.5
  • UV Index 2 to 3.
  • Rainfall 112mm (4.4")

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

  • Austria: 5°C | 41°F
  • Belgium 7°C | 45°F
  • France 8°C | 46°F
  • Germany 4°C | 39°F
  • Ireland 7°C | 45°F
  • Italy 12°C | 54°F
  • Netherlands 7°C | 45°F
  • Poland 4°C |  39°F
  • Sweden -8°C | 18°F
  • Spain 13°C | 55°F
  • Switzerland 3°C | 37°F
  • United kingdom 8°C | 46°F

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In November
  • November weather gets cooler. Long sleeves clothes and light jackets.
  • A mixture of summer and mild winter clothes. Very light clothes perhaps with a light cardigan for the evening if the weather is slightly chilly or windy.
  • Start dressing a bit more warm but no need of thick clothing except for a few days of pre winter climates due to wind and rain.
  • It is more fresh in the morning and evening. Always carry with you a light cardigan or light jacket. If need be bring with you layers or a warmer jacket.
  • Start dressing a bit more warm but no need of thick clothing except for a few days of pre winter climates with wind and rain. As the weather can be unpredictable so always carry a light cardigan or light jacket. Clothing mentioned prior and after this month will help you prepare your luggage.
  • A compact umbrella will surely be useful apart from rain jackets or your usual jackets that will be more useful with a hat or hood if the wind is strong and the use of an umbrella will not be possible. 

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Things To Do During November

Weather In Malta In November
  • A visit to the Chinese gardens of Serenity located on the side of the village of Santa Lucia exactly parallel to the main road leading to the Malta International Airport. A fascinating highly finished garden by the Chinese people as a gift to the Maltese.
  • At this time of year if you wish to go to the Blue Lagoon you can find trips from Monday to Saturday departing at 10:00am and returning at 5:00pm. You will not find people swimming but it will be an impressive experience to go and be able to walk around. It all depends on the weather where the operators will not operate the cruises if the weather is stormy. Ask on your arrival in Malta for details.
  • Hop on hop off in Malta and Gozo operate all routes and stops all year round. It is ideal to get a good glance of the island's history and surroundings. Good for those short on time or wish a first hand experience of which activities you wish to revisit to explore in further detail.
  • The Megalithic Temples a unique for these tiny islands. A few square kilometres but was so much inhabited by intelligent and highly skilled civilisations. A must see the Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and Tarxien temples for Malta and the Ggantija temples in Gozo.
  • The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum an underground prehistoric burial site complex set on three distinct levels. This is also a unique location to visit. Bookings for tickets should be pre-booked around three months prior to your visit due to the limited number of visitors.
  • Take a tour of the old capital city of Mdina during the day. You can also visit at your leisure during the day or after dark walking around the narrow streets observing the old architecture and the life as it was before. Take the opportunity to view the island from over the bastion walls from a specific location at the far end of Mdina.

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Quick November in Malta Taughts

Weather In Malta In November
  • Morning and evening are generally very fresh even cold.
  • Although November is fairly wet usually the rain is rather heavy and is briefer than rain downpour in most European countries.
  • November is the wettest of all months with December being slightly less. On record the month receives around 15 days of rain so if you come here during November expect to have some days of rain.
  • This month can have very nice days at the same time some rainy days but at the same time the weather is cold especially after the rain the weather gets colder. It is felt even more if it is cloudy or windy.
  • During this month there is an average of eight daylight hours and keeps on decreasing by the end of the month. December has the shortest days with daylight.

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