Weather in Malta in January

The Cold Is With Us And Short Days

Are you coming to Malta in January? Yes it is cold but it is also sunny. Still it is pleasant to come during this time of the year. Tourists are much less during the winter months. You will have better quality time to see many attractions and with less queues.

It is usually the coldest month of the year, rain but there could be sunny days too. Wind is another aspect and could be grigal too, meaning bad weather. On the other hand you see tourists in t-shirts and shorts or light clothing. At the same time it can be very beautiful sunny days.

Malta’s climate in January will definitely be preferable to the UK’s, making it an ideal winter sun holiday location.

Malta in January – A Quick Look to This Page

A glance to the weather in Malta in January – You will read about it and much more…

Here is what you need to know about visiting Malta during this time of the year

  • What is the weather like?
  • Should I come during January?
  • What should I pack for visiting Malta during January?
  • What cruises are available during this month?
  • What can I do during January?
  • What are the practical things to do during January?
Chadwick lakes after a heavy rainfall

Statistics for January

  • Highest recorded 22°C (72°F) | Lowest recorded 4°C (39°F)
  • Daily Average: Highest 16°C (61°F) | Lowest 10°C (51°F)
  • Daily Hours of Sunshine 5.5
  • UV Index 1 to 2
  • Rainfall 95mm (4")

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

- Austria: 1°C | 34°F

- Belgium 3°C | 37°F

- France 4°C | 39°F

- Germany 1°C | 34°F

- Ireland 10°C | 50°F

- Italy 7°C | 47°F

- Netherlands 3°C | 37°F

- Poland 2°C |  36°F

- Sweden -15°C | 5°F

- Spain 9°C | 48°F

- Switzerland -1°C | 30°F

- United kingdom 5°C | 41°F

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In January
  • The general advice is to dress layer, layer and upon layer. This means jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and knitted tops which will make you warm. But it also depends on what type of person you are but proper clothing for the winter period is recommended. So bring proper various thick layers that you can change or put on according to how you are feeling.
  • If it is cloudy it is good to carry a raincoat or water / wind proof jacket. Sometimes umbrellas can be pointless as the wind can be very strong and might end up with a broken umbrella.
  • Trousers are preferred than shorts, even for women depending how much you feel cold. Long skirts to the ankle are ideal but trousers you feel warm and comfortable. 
  • Closed shoes are better to keep your feet dry and warm. If you intend to explore and walk around Malta it is better. It is not the time for sandles as you will probably not go for sunbathing on the sandy beach apart if you wish to stroll around. If you intend walking in the country side always use closed shoes, or sneakers.
  • Sandles and flip flops are useful for when staying at your accommodation and there is an indoor pool. Swimming in the open sea is not recommended due to being cold and rough and will be dangerous.
  • Pack winter clothes like cardigans, sweaters warm knitted tops, trousers, warm closed shoes. If you intend to walk a good walking shoes. A jacket with hood together with a sturdy compact umbrella. A mixture of clothes to alternate depending on the temperature.  

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta in Winter during January

  • Plenty of country walks. Anywhere in the country side. Lovely open spaces and walk around. Enjoy the versatility of the Maltese countryside.
  • Picnics in the countryside are ideal away from any busy streets. Plenty of places especially in the areas of Rabat, Dingli Cliffs and Buskett gardens.
People shopping along Republic Street Valletta during the sales
  • Take a day trip on the Hop-op-Hop-off to get to see the important sites around. You can also stop and take a country walk where there is so much greenery and very few cars around.
  • Village feasts very few for this month.
  • For swimming the sea is too cold but there are brave ones who take the plunge. You can choose hotel indoor pools.
  • Enjoy the sunset at Dingli Cliffs or from Golden Bay or the surrounding areas along the coast.
  • In Guardia parade at Fort St. Elmo. See details of dates

Tours & Cruises

Cruises During January

- Harbour Cruise - Malta's Galant History | Departure daily from the Sliema Marina.
- The Best of Gozo and Comino | Departures Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday in January
- Mysteries of the Grand Harbour | Departures Monday, Wednesday & Friday all month
- Sunday Special | Departures on on Sunday

All other cruises start around March when the weather is more settled.

Tours During January

Full Day Tours:

Discover Gozo - Full Day | Departures Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Full day | Held on Friday
Mdina & Malta Highlights Full Day | Operates Tuesday & Friday

Half Day Tours:

Majestic Valletta Half Day | Operates Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Half day | Held on Saturday
The Three Cities Tour Half Day (Morning) | Operates only on a Wednesday
Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk Extended Half Day (Morning)| Operates only on a Monday

Sicily Tours:

Sicily Mt. Etna and Modica | Operates Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Sicilies eastern coast with Syracuse, Marzamemi and Noto | Held on Wednesday & Sunday

Jeep Tours:

Malta Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round
Gozo Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Sundayall year round
- Defender Jeep Safari Tours: Malta Gozo | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round

Family Tours:

- Dolphins Swimming
Malta Film Tour
Segway Tour in Malta
Day Tours in Malta and Gozo with Guide
Multivision Show in Valletta on Malta
Night tour through Valletta, Mosta and Mdina | Operates on a Tuesday
Quad Bike Tour Malta | Operates on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Other Tours:

- Diving for Beginners
- Beach Day in Malta
- Malta Private Tour
- Hiking in Malta or Gozo
Fishing Trips / Deep Sea Fishing / Deep Sea Angling in Malta
- Dinner & Show | Held on Wednesday & Friday
- Malta in One Day | Operates on Wednesday & Friday
- The Three Cities & Wine Tasting Tour | Operates on Tuesday
- Wine cellar, wine bar and professional wine tasting | Operates from Monday to Friday

Quick January Weather Malta Taughts

Weather In Malta In January

- It is the coldest month of the year. Proper clothing is recommended. Nice sunny weather is very possible. Enjoy the countryside and greenery. Do not exaggerate with thick clothes. It depends what type of person you are.

- On the other hand if it is windy and with high humidity it will be very cold especially if it is cloudy. So bring proper cover.

- It is beautiful to go for walks in the countryside or along the sea promenades during December and January. The weather is cold but you will enjoy the sun.

- The weather for February is similar to that of January. Very little changes, but the occasions to savour the beautiful sun will surely not be missed. 

- Nice sunny weather is very possible. Enjoy the countryside and greenery.

- It is beautiful to go for walks in the countryside or along the sea promenades during December and January.

- If you compare Malta to the rest of Europe the weather here is quite mild and frost free.

- Serious bad weather is not common in Malta but they do happen sometime or another. Hail storms do occur but not frequent.

- The sea temperature is around 16°C. It is not ideal for swimming as it is cold. There are some brave ones but very few. The sea might be rough so we recommend to swim at the many indoor pools hosted by the hotels.

- Morning and evening are generally very fresh even cold.

- January always has some splendid sunny days. February weather is very much similar to that of January.

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