Weather in Malta in August

Hot! Hot! Hot! Just hot – Swimming to cool down

The weather in Malta in August is very hot at this time. A great time to be in Malta! Long days, sea and sun! It is required to bring your sunblock with you as you can get sunburnt. The ideal time for your summer holiday with light clothing and comfortable flip flops.

Quick July Weather Malta Taughts

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- Is it worth visiting Malta in August? Is it too hot to come?
What is the weather in Malta in August like?
- Should I come during August?
- Will the shutdowns effect my holiday?
- What should I pack for visiting Malta during August?
- What should I pack and wear for my holiday in Malta during August?
- What can I do during the in August?
- What are the practical things to do during August?
- Village feasts in Malta. Which are the locations I should go to enjoy the local culture?
- Can I take a cruises to swim at the Blue Lagoon?

Blue Lagoon Comino during peak August

Statistics for Weather in Malta in August

- Highest Recorded 43°C (109°F) | Lowest Recorded 18°C (64°F)

- Highest Daily Average 32°C (89°F) | Lowest Daily Average 24°C (100°F)

- Daylight Hours of Sunshine 11.4

- UV Index 9/10

- Rainfall 6mm (1/4")

European Countries For august

- Austria: 21°C | 70°F

- Belgium 18°C | 64°F

- France 20°C | 68°F

- Germany 19°C | 66°F

- Ireland 16°C | 61°F

- Italy 25°C | 77°F

- Netherlands 17°C | 63°F

- Poland 17°C |  63°F

- Sweden 10°C | 50°F

- Spain 25°C | 77°F

- Switzerland 18°C | 64°F

- United kingdom 16°C | 61°F

Weather in Malta in August - What Should I Wear?

- For this month you only need summer clothes.

- All you need for a day by the sea is swim wear, flip-flops, sunglasses, a hat. Preferably with rented beach umbrellas for total cover. Still although covered you will need sun screen protection several times during the day as by the evening you will be sunburnt and suffer consequences.

- No need of any cardigans or jackets, use light weight natural fabrics. More important to have a hat, wear plenty of sunscreen.

- If you are not acquainted to the intense heat and you are sunbathing, bring a light long sleeve top for the beach to protect yourself and stay in the shade.

- Bring with you smart casual wear for your evening out. It will be enough and you will feel relaxed to mix around.

- Packing ideas as suggested and adjust to your needs and your family. Travel as light as possible. In this way you can save on luggage expense.

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta During August

- Beach life is at its best with high temperatures, everyone enjoys a different area of the coastline beaches. You can also enjoy a day at one of the many hotels and beach clubs with their swimming pools, restaurant and bars. 

- Also various individual pages on beaches like Paradise Bay, Mellieha Bay also known as Ghadira, Golden Bay. You can see a detailed list of sandy and rocky beaches here.

- Go for walks along promenades such as from Gzira to Sliema up to St. Julian's which tend to be the most popular.

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- The Bugibba and Qawra promenade is also popular even though the area being very dense with hotels, holiday apartments, bars and restaurants apart from being a popular swimming area.

Dance your night away at regular events at open air discothèques such as Aria dance and night club at San Gwann, Gianpula Village limits of Zebbug, Numero Uno at Ta' Qali. These venues have regular organized international entertainers with local and foreign DJ's. For those who like to dance to the 80's and 70's nights.

- For the island of Gozo there is one in particular the La Grotta, on the main road very close to Xlendi bay. It is always a buzzing location where many Maltese go especially around the weekends and holidays.

- Visit the Bugibba water park at the side of the promenade. It is ideal for children to play during this hot summer month. It is located close to the breakwater.

- August is the month for the popular village religious feast days. See the calendar of village feasts for the islands. Only in Malta you will find such intricate colourful festivities.

- Take an evening tour to one of the feasts. Click here to see a detailed list of locations where the tour can take you.

Gozo Ferry approaching Mgarr

- 15th August is the peak of the month, a public holiday where there is the feast of Saint Mary (Santa Marija), On this day eight feasts are held at the same time in eight villages.

- During August the Maltese go on shut down. This does not affect any activities related to tourism. All shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments remain open.

- Due to the good weather it is ideal to rent a boat and go to Comino, visit the Blue Lagoon, the many caves around the island, visit Gozo coastline and the main island's beaches.

- You can enjoy a Maltese folklore nights at the Limestone Heritage Siggiewi in the open air within an on old limestone quarry. Link to see further details and to book.

- Or Ta' Marija Restaurant in Mosta where you can enjoy a Maltese folklore night. See calendar with dates where you can book your reservation.

- Suggestions of things to do during July and September

Tours & Cruises

Cruises Around The Islands

Malta Cruises:

Harbour cruises Malta's Galant History
Spirit of Malta
- Boat rental without boating licence
- Sunset Cruise | Departures Sunday all weeks of August
- Full day 3 Island sailing trip | Departures Monday all weeks of August
Underwater Safari | Departures Monday to Friday all weeks of the month.
Boat Party in Malta & Gozo | Departures every Friday and Saturday all month.
Round Malta Day Cruise | Departures Monday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all month.
Above and Below | Departures Monday, Wednesday and Friday all month.
Spirit of Malta Adventure | Departures Monday and Thursday all August.

Comino Blue Lagoon & Gozo Cruises:

Comino and the Blue Lagoon
The Best of Gozo and Comino
Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon
- Travel by Power-boat to Comino and / or Gozo
Gozo Jeep Safari and Comino Cruise: Departures Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday all month.

Departures of all cruises from Sliema Marina.

Popular Tours

The tours below operate everyday during August

- Defender Malta and Gozo jeep safari tours operate all year round. They are separate tours for both islands.
- Discover Gozo - Full Day
- Mdina and Malta Highlights - Full Day
- Malta Jeep Safari | Gozo Jeep Safari
- Sightseeing Bus Malta | Sightseeing Bus Gozo
- Mysteries of the Grand Harbour
- Hypogeum in Malta
- Day tours in Malta and Gozo with guide
- Multivision Show in Valletta on Malta
- Malta Private Tour
- Malta Film Tour
- Segway Tour in Malta

Quick August Weather Malta Taughts

- Day light average is 11.4 hours, early sunrise and late sunset Days start getting shorter although you will not notice, but sunset is earlier.

- By 21:00 it will be almost dark. 

- The sky is generally clear from clouds. Cloud coverage varies from 9% to 19% by end month.

- The nights are hot too. You will need ventilators although even these might not be enough. Air conditioning is better. You can just wear a shorts and remain uncover during the night and you will still sleep comfortable.

- Siesta time. You will see many at the beaches take a nap on the sunbeds.

- It is intense heat. Many do take a nap at home. Many take holidays and many offices are on half days. 

Qrendi Village Feast

- Due to the heat the locals do stay late in the evenings out, walks along beach promenades to try and feel any breeze. Mdina is the place to go in the evening as it feels fresher by the bastions edge. 

- Rainfall is minimal and surely will not see any during your stay.

- Though it is said that August gets with it the first showers. On record average rain for several years was 6mm. 

- Morning and evenings are warm too a good indication that the day will be really hot. Drinking of water is highly recommended. 

- Strong winds can occur make it feel cooler too. 

- You can sunbathe as much as you want subject that you have sunscreens.

- Important to have at least an umbrella to shade yourself. Too hot. Drink a lot of water.

- When you for sightseeing on buses and tours around historical locations do take with you a hat and apply sunscreen.

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