Weather in Malta in September

Beautiful to Swim to Cool Down - But Humid

The weather is very hot at this time. A great time to be in Malta! Long days, sunbathing, long hot evenings, cruises. The ideal time for your summer holiday with shorts, t-shirts sandles or filflops.

Here is what you need to know

- Is it worth visiting Malta in September? Is it too hot to come?
- What is the weather like?
- Should I come during September?
- Will the shutdowns effect my holiday?
- What should I pack for visiting Malta during September?
- What should I pack and wear for my holiday in Malta during September?
- What can I do during September?
- What are the practical things to do during September?
- Village feasts in Malta. Which are the locations I should go to enjoy the local culture?
- Can I take a cruises to swim at the Blue Lagoon?

Statistics for Weather in Malta in September

- Highest Recorded 39°C (103°F) | Lowest Recorded 15°C (60°F)

- Daily Average: Highest 29°C (83°F) | Lowest 22°C (97°F)

- Daylight Hours of Sunshine 9.0

- UV Index 6 to 7

- Rainfall 65mm (2.56")

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

- Austria: 16°C | 61°F

- Belgium 15°C | 59°F

- France 16°C | 61°F

- Germany 15°C | 59°F

- Ireland 13°C | 55°F

- Italy 21°C | 70°F

- Netherlands 15°C | 59°F

- Poland 13°C |  55°F

- Sweden 4°C | 41°F

- Spain 21°C | 70°F

- Switzerland 14°C | 57°F

- United kingdom 15°C | 59°F

Weather in Malta in September- What Should I Pack?

- You need only summer clothes. Good clothes changes to get you by your holiday. If you sweat a lot bring extra changes. Humidity at this time of the year is high.

- For the beach you will need swim wear, flip-flops, sunglasses, a hat and a beach umbrella if you intend to stay many hours sunbathing alternating from direct sunlight to a cover. Mind you under an umbrella you will still get a moderate tan and so sunscreen should still be applied.

- You do not need any cardigans or jackets, use light weight natural fabrics. More important to have a hat, wear plenty of sunscreen.

- Only summer clothes and shoes need to be packed.

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta During September

- September is still beautiful for swimming. Unless there are no storms the temperatures are better and staying at the beach is even nicer.

- The beaches at this time start to be less frequented and so can be more enjoyable. Visit the sandy beaches of Paradise Bay, Golden Bay, Ghadira Bay. Rocky coastline of St. Thomas Bay, Zonqor Point.

- Enjoy a Maltese folklore nights at the open air Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens at Siggiewi.

- Enjoy a day cruise with the Sea Adventure Catamaran visiting Comino, The Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, and Gozo if you wish. Plenty of time to swim and sunbathe in an incredible different relaxing atmosphere.

- Although just mentioned above Gozo deserves to be visited alone for at least a day. A tour is ideal to take you to the most important locations. The hop on hop off is ideal for this as the buses circulate around all the important sites and beaches.

- Enjoy a village feast the unique way of celebrating the patron saint of the village, only found in Malta. See details for an evening tour. LINK Illuminated and decorated churches, streets. You can also see Maltese houses with their main door open and all lit up and decorated at their best.

- A visit to the capital Victoria and the Cittadella the ancient fortified city at the top of the hill with its commanding skyline and military architecture. This is part of one of the sightseeing bus stops outside the old city walls. Suggest you take a walk around the surrounding fortifications, visit the cathedral, narrow streets, and museums.

- If you wish to read our suggestions of things to do during August and October most will still be great to do although some will be repeated like village feasts and beaches as they are the highlights of these months.

Tours & Cruises

Cruises Around The Islands

Malta Cruises:

Yacht Day Charter with Skipper
Round Malta Day Cruise
Boat Rental Without Licence
Spirit of Malta
Sunset Cruise | Operates on a Sunday only
Spirit of Malta Adventure | Departure on Monday & Thursday
Harbour Cruise - Malta's Galant History | Departure daily from the Sliema Marina.
Mysteries of the Grand Harbour | Departures Monday, Wednesday & Friday all month
Sunday Special | Departures on on Sunday
Underwater Safari | Departures Monday to Saturday in April
Above & Below | Departures Monday, Wednesday & Friday all month

Gozo & Comino Cruises: 

Comino & The Blue Lagoon
Gozo, Comino and The Blue Lagoon
The Best of Gozo and Comino
Travel By Powerboat to Comino and/or Gozo
Full Day 3 Island Sailing Trip | Operates only on a Monday
Boatparty in Malta & Gozo | Departures Wednesday & Friday to Sunday
Gozo Jeep Safari & Comino Cruise | Departures Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

All other cruises start around March when the weather is more settled.

Popular Tours

Full Day Tours:

Discover Gozo - Full Day | Departures Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Full day | Held on Friday
Mdina & Malta Highlights Full Day | Operates Tuesday & Friday

Half Day Tours:

Majestic Valletta Half Day | Operates Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Half day | Held on Saturday
The Three Cities Tour Half Day (Morning) | Operates only on a Wednesday
Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk Extended Half Day (Morning)| Operates only on a Sunday

Sicily Tours:

Sicily Mt. Etna and Modica | Operates Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Sicilies eastern coast with Syracuse, Marzamemi and Noto | Held on Wednesday & Sunday
Sicily Mount Etna and Taormina | Operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Jeep Tours:

Malta Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round
Gozo Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Sunday all year round
- Defender Jeep Safari Tours: Malta Gozo | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round

Family Tours:

Snorkeling in Malta
Dolphins Swimming
Malta Film Tour
Segway Tour in Malta
Hypogeum in Malta
Sightseeing in Malta | Sightseeing in Gozo
Night tour through Valletta, Mosta and Mdina | Operates on a Tuesday

Other Tours:

Diving for Beginners
Beach Day in Malta
Malta Private Tour
Jet Skiing Malta
Fishing Trips / Deep Sea Fishing / Deep Sea Angling in Malta
Dinner & Show | Held on Wednesday & Friday
Malta in One Day | Operates on Wednesday & Friday

Quick September Weather Malta Taughts

- During the month of September Malta it is still summer, still very hot. On average this month is warm dry and sunny and the temperatures are not as hot as those in July and August.

- A bad storm could be with us but mostly fantastic hot weather. During September itis expected to have a thundery moderate downpour on a few days but it is neither unusual that it remains completely dry.

- On average there are eight days during September to have a down pour. Everyone in Malta is glad to have the first rain after the heat of the last three months.

- The temperatures are still strong enough to let you swim. The sea temperature is slightly less than that in August but still warm enough for swimming although the temperatures of the air starts dropping.

- Everyone is still at the beach. But as the weeks pass the Maltese tend to decrease their beach visits.

- Day light average of 9 hours, early sunrise and late sunset days start getting shorter although you will not notice, but sunset is earlier. By 21.00 at night it will be almost dark.

- On the other hand it is a relief that temperatures drop from the last months heighs. At this time of the year it gets a bit more humid as the seasons start to change.

- Schools start last days of September and latest beginning October. By the end of the month the beaches are empty of locals but not of tourists.

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