Weather in Malta in April

Getting Hot! - It's Spring time!

Are you coming to Malta in April? It is spring time with lots of flowers and beautiful countryside. You will have the time to enjoy the sunny days a good time to come over to Malta. There are plenty of things to do while here both indoor and outdoor.

A quick glance to what you will find in this page

- What is the weather like?

- What type of weather do we have here?

- Then what is best to pack for a holiday in Malta during April?

- Is it the right time to visit Malta?

- What are the things you can do during April while in Malta?

- What are the cruises and tours we can enjoy?

Weather Statistics for April

- Highest recorded 32°C (90°F) | Lowest recorded 7°C (44°F)

- Daily Average: Highest 20°C (68°F) | Lowest 13°C (82°F)

- Daylight Hours of Sunshine: 8.5

- UV Index: 8 to 9

- Rainfall: 26mm (1")

Weather in Malta in April - What Should I Wear?

- April is much warmer light clothes are recommended. 

- At the same time it is sometimes difficult what to wear either winter or spring clothes depending on the weather as there are can surely fresh days even with rain. Get a mix with you, just to be prepared.

- During the day it is already possible to wear t-shirts or sweatshirts. 

- A light jacket or a sweatshirt for the evenings is useful, it all depends on how cold you usually feel.

- Get beach wear, accommodation with pool terraces will be surely in operation or just starting to.

- You can always go to a beach and sunbath if the weather is right.

- A hat is surely recommended. Sun cream is also good to bring with you especially for those who have a fair complexion and for staying exposed in direct sunlight for many hours.

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta During April

- Go round and explore the versatility of these small islands.

- Mdina and Valletta would be two of your most things to do in Malta. It does not matter if it is a sunny day or overcast as the beauty can be enjoyed just the same.

- Go for a day to Gozo. It is the same as Malta though so close to each other so different in many ways. Less traffic, greener, countryside, small villages, many village churches dominating the skyline.

- For Gozo there is a separate hop on hop off tour, see further details. You can plan your Gozo day by using this tour.

- Go and see the islands, catch hop-on hop-off tours and will take you round. You can spread the tour on two days and stop in the numerous historical locations and tour the location or at least walk around and take photos.

- The Malta public transport has all routes required to take you to most historical locations. The bus terminus is in Valletta from where all buses leave for all villages and locations.

- If you have a rainy day and do not wish to stay out much there is a lot to do.

- The Eden Cinemas in St Julian's with all movies in the English Language. At Bugibba there is the Empire cinema too. All film releases are up to date.

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Malta Offers

Malta Excursions Exclusive: Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk
Extended Half Day (Morning)
Departs: From your Accommodation
Book your tickets online. More info

Mdina & Malta Highlights
Full Day
Departs: From your Accommodation
Some of the most remarkable highlights of Malta. More info

- At St Julian's Paceville area there is Bay Street a shopping complex,  with restaurants and cafes where you can linger around. Many other bars, restaurants and cafes.

- In the Bugibba and Qawra area there are plenty of bars and pubs where you can entertain yourself and also watch international football games.

- The bowling alley is just adjacent to the Eden Cinemas.

- Good Friday functions, processions and Easter Sunday morning procession. Dates vary between March and April.

Tours & Cruises

Cruises During April

Everyday departures:

- Comino and the Blue Lagoon

- Harbour Cruises

- The Best of Gozo and Comino

- Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon Departures on Tuesday and Thursday all month.

- Underwater Safari Departures Monday to Friday all weeks of the month.

- Boat Party in Malta & Gozo Departures every Friday all month.

- Round Malta Day Cruise Departures Monday and Friday all month.

- Above and Below Departures Monday, Wednesday and Friday all month.

- Gozo Jeep Safari and Comino Cruise Departures Tuesday and Saturday all month.

Tours During April

- Defender Malta and Gozo jeep safari tours operate all year round. They are separate tours for both islands.

- Departures of all cruises from Sliema Marina.

Weather in Malta in April Quick Taughts

- Spring time, winter feels already past by. Windy days, rain still with us but not much.

- Starting of spring time in Malta. By beginning mid-April the weather is changing towards summer.

- Beautiful countryside, sunbathing starts, sea temperature still too cold to swim. But sunbathing is pleasant as the temperature are still not that high.

- Beautiful hot days if not cloudy or windy but much less by now as winter is over. No more cold weather like January and February. Temperatures are more confortable.

- You can see people wearing lighter clothes. Even during certain days with shorts and tee shirts. In direct sunlight the sun will be very hot.

- More tourists arrive on the islands. It is fantastic weather for them. They wear summer clothes. You can observe that many go for sunbathing even swimming although the sea will still be cold so few dare jump in.

- Bad weather can still be with us, just be prepared and see the weather forecast before you come over but by this time it is more stable getting closer to summer.

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