Weather in Malta in July

In One Word - Glorious Weather

The weather is very hot at this time. A great time to be in Malta! Long days, sunbathing, long hot evenings, cruises. The ideal time for your summer holiday with shorts, t-shirts sandles or filflops. A lovely

Weather in Malta in July – Here is what you need to know

A glance to the weather in Malta for July – Have a look further down…

- Malta in July, what is the weather like?
- Should I come during July?
- What should I pack and wear for visiting Malta during July?
- What should I wear for different occasions?
- What can I do during July?
- What are the practical things to do during July?
- Village feasts in Malta. Can you suggest where I can go?
- What are the cruises to enjoy a day to the Blue Lagoon at Comino?

Statistics for July

- Highest recorded 43°C (110°F) | Lowest recorded 17°C (63°F)

- Daily Average: Highest 32°C (89°F) | Lowest 23°C (99°F)

- Daylight Hours of Sunshine: 12.2

- UV Index 10 to 11

- Rainfall: 0.2mm (0.01")

Weather in Malta in July - What Should I Wear?

- You need only summer clothes. Plenty to get you by your holiday due to sweat. 

- There is no need for any sweatshirts or cardigans. The evenings are warm too so you will not need them.

- Beach wear, light dresses, light shirts, shorts, sandles and fill flops. If you intend going for walks you might need closed shoes for comfort. Do not bring anything that will make you feel hot.

- No need for any light wintery clothes. The evening will be warm but might be slightly fresh. If you are one who usually need a bit of cover do bring a light sweatshirt or a cardigan.

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta During July

 - It is the time of various evening festival and concerts. See details on the activities of July page.

 - Take a hop-on hop-off tour of Malta and Gozo. Link to tours.

 - The open air night clubs are now at full swing. Dance away at Ciampula (limits of Siggiewi). Then also at Club Numero Uno at Ta’ Qali. Both are close to Rabat in Malta. You need transport arrangements for these two locations as they are not reachable by public transport late at night.

 - In Malta the areas with the most night clubs, bars and restaurants is St. Julian’s with Paceville being the most popular as they are adjacent to each other. Other areas are at Bugibba, Mellieha and Marsascala.

 - In Gozo you find a few clubs in Rabat and a disco called La Grotta on the main road leading to Xlendi where it is busy during weekends especially in summer.

 - Attend to a Maltese folklore nights at the Limestone Heritage Siggiewi. Taste Maltese food, entertainment and folklore dancing.

Tours & Cruises

Cruises During July

Everyday departures:

- Comino and the Blue Lagoon
- Harbour cruises
- The Best of Gozo and Comino
- Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon
- Spirit of Malta
- Underwater Safari: Departures Monday to Friday all weeks of the month.

- Boat Party in Malta & Gozo: Departures every Friday and Saturday all month.
- Round Malta Day Cruise: Departures Monday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all month.
- Above and Below: Departures Monday, Wednesday and Friday all month.
- Spirit of Malta Adventure: Departures Monday and Thursday all month.
- Gozo Jeep Safari and Comino Cruise: Departures Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday all month.

Tours During July

- Defender Malta and Gozo jeep safari tours operate all year round. They are separate tours for both islands.

- Departures of all cruises from Sliema Marina.

Quick July Weather Malta Taughts

July is the driest, sunniest even from the month of August although August is very hot too.

It is peak summer. The heat is on and how. Intense heat, adjust yourself.

The beaches are full with locals and tourists. You can sunbathe as much as you want. 

It is the time to take it slower during the day, stay as much as you can in cool temperatures. You will look for air conditioned locations. At the beach it is important to have at least an umbrella. 

Malta being such a small island we do get wind. Many times it is ideal if you are at the beach. At the same time you might think that the you will get less of a sun tan. Do not be misled. Use sunscreens as recommended.

The average temperature for this month increases from 25°C (77°F) to 27°C (80°F) up to the end of the month with daily highs and lows follow the same pattern. 

By now the weather is stable. It is summer. Average rainfall is 0mm.

There could be a minor precipitation but most likely with a few drops of rain. Exceptions occur with minor rainfall if any. The weather will still remain very hot.

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Mdina & Malta Highlights
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Morning and evening are by now hot. You will feel the heat in on already. Evening are hot and the nights are too. You need air conditioning and fans to cool you down.

Day light is 12 hours, early sunrise and late sunset. It is the month with the longest daylight. 

Rainfall is minimal and you will surely not have any throughout your holiday.

Clear skies all day long. Good cover hats and sunglasses. Apply creams as frequent as possible. Drinking of water is highly recommended. 

Also if you go for sightseeing and walk around to see historical places, the air will be very dry and the heat will have a strong effect on you. Take precautions.

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