Weather in Malta in March

Weather Changing Already – Still Cold – Sunny!

Are you coming to Malta in March? It starts getting warmer and daylight is longer to enjoy the beauty of Malta. A good time to come over. Tourists start increasing and the attractions will not be crowded.

Weather in Malta in March – A quick glance

Here is what you should know while planning your trip for March

- What should I pack? How does the Maltese dress?
- Should I come here during this time of the year?
- What will I expect?
- What are the practical things to do during March?

Weather in Malta in March – A Quick Review

Planning to come to Malta? This Weather in Malta in March is just for you with some of the Best things to do in Malta in February. This Malta weather page will help you realize what the weather is like and so what you can expect during March.

Statistics for March

- Highest recorded 34°C (92°F) | Lowest recorded 5°C (41°F)

- Daily Average: Highest 18°C (64°F) | Lowest 11°C (78°F)

- Daylight Hours of Sunshine: 7.3

- UV Index: 6 to 7

- Rainfall: 38mm (1.5")

Weather in Malta in March - What Should I Wear?

- Lighter clothes and a light jacket will be useful. A mix of two or three jackets, a mix of a sportive one, a smart one and one for the rain.  For this month there is no need to get too much thick clothes.

- An umbrella is good to get with you and carry it with you depending on the weather.

- If the wind will be strong and cloudy you will surely need good warm clothes.

- A good pair of water proof shoes is always much better for these months than sandals especially if you intend walking a lot around the historical locations.

- Still we recommend to view the weather forecast as there could be a bad precipitation where the weather will be ugly. This will help you plan your clothing needs.

Tours & Cruises

Cruises During March

- Harbour Cruises: Departure daily. See details

- The Best of Gozo and Comino: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday all month. See details and bookings

Tours During March

- Defender Malta and Gozo Jeep Safari: Tours operate all year round. They are separate tours for both islands.

- See more details and bookings for Defender Jeep Safari Tours: Malta | Gozo

Quick March Weather Malta Taughts

You start feeling the change of weather already. Still fresh in the morning and evening. You already see a few tourists sunbathing at the sandy beaches.

Even though March is very early in the season the sun can be pretty hot, so do not forget to wear sunscreen, wear a hat and a sun glasses. The UV can already be around 5 to 6.

You can wear a t-shirt and a cardigan around your waist just in case you need it. The afternoons will be more hot than the mornings.

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Malta Offers

Sightseeing Bus Malta
Duration: Red Route 135 min | Blue Route 90 min

Departs: From any stop
A flavour of the island More info »

Mdina & Malta Highlights
Full Day
Departs: From your Accommodation
Some of the most remarkable highlights of Malta. More info

As the sun sets around 18.00 the air becomes fresher and by the evening quite chilly. A light jumper or jacket is best at this time if you intend spending the evening out.

From the morning you will feel that the air is warmer than the months before. Even inside our houses they are not that damp as they were during January and February when the weather was colder and with regular rain.

Windy days are very possible and you will feel the air more fresh, the sun still hotter but cloudy days possible.

Day light hours are already on the increase with an average of 6.4 hours each day. Time saving time starts at the end of the month.

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