Weather in Malta in March

Weather Changing Already – Still Cold – Sunny!

The weather in Malta in March gets warmer and daylight is longer to order to enjoy the beauty of Malta. In our opinion, it is a good time to come over.

March is still the month of low tourist arrivals so the island will still be fairly quiet. During this time the Maltese also go for their first swim, but the sea will still be cold. March is the month of springtime and hence it will be perfect for a walk in the countryside.

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Malta In March - A Quick Glance

Weather In Malta In March

A small building in the middle of Malta's countryside with beautiful vegetation during the weather in Malta in March.

Statistics For March

Weather In Malta In March

  • Highest Recorded 34°C (92°F) | Lowest Recorded 5°C (41°F)
  • Daily Average Highest 18°C (64°F) | Daily Average Lowest 11°C (78°F)
  • Daylight Hours of Sunshine 7.3
  • UV Index 6 to 7
  • Rainfall 38mm (1.5")

Malta Weather Compared to Other European Countries

  • Austria 6°C | 43°F
  • Belgium 10°C | 44°F
  • France 8°C | 48°F
  • Germany 5°C | 41°F
  • Ireland 6°C | 44°F
  • Italy 10°C | 50°F
  • Netherlands 6°C | 44°F
  • Poland 3°C | 37°F
  • Sweden -9°C | 16°F
  • Spain 11°C | 53°F
  • Switzerland 5°C | 41°F
  • United kingdom 7°C | 46°F

is it the best time to visit malta?

This depends on whether you love this weather. We cannot give you a definite answer, as it all depends on your reason for visiting Malta. March in Malta is beautiful in every aspect since the weather is neither very cold nor very hot.

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In March

With an average of 9 days of rain and around 7 hours a day of sunshine, the weather during March can sometimes be unpredictable. We recommend packing a good mix of summer and winter clothing and shoes.

  • Lighter clothes, and a light jacket will be useful as the nights are still relatively fresh. Since the weather can change from night to day, we recommend getting a couple of warm jacket.
  • No thick clothes are necessary as temperatures increase, but bad weather is possible with winds and rain so still be prepared.
  • A good pair of waterproof shoes is always much better than sandals or sports shoes, especially if you intend walking a lot around the historical locations.
  • An umbrella is important to get with you for rainy days.
  • There can be good sunny days which will make you want to visit one of Malta's beaches and sunbathe for a few hours. The sea temperature is still very cold and could be rough.
  • If the hotel you are staying at has an indoor pool, sandals and flip-flops are useful.

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The lovely streets of Birgu during Malta in March.

What To Do During March

Weather In Malta In March

  • St. Patrick's day is a popular and highly attractive event during March. This event is highly celebrated in Malta with many people going down to Paceville and drinking at the clubs and bars.
  • We encourage you to visit and attend one of the events in March.
  • Springtime is about to start and the countrysides are bright and green. There are plenty of locations where to go for a peaceful and beautiful walk. Find the best hiking trails around the island.
  • If you would like to see the entire island in such a short time, we recommend taking the Hop-on-Hop-off. You can either choose the north or south route, night route or Gozo route.
  • With village feasts happening all year round, during the month of January there are only a couple of feasts.

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Men walking down a street in Zejtun with a statue on their shoulders during Good Friday Malta.

Top Malta Tours In March

Weather In Malta In March

Quick March Weather Malta Thoughts

Weather In Malta In March

During this month Malta experiences drastic changes in weather. One day it can be stormy and the next day it can be very hot and sunny. During early mornings and late evenings, the weather is still fresh.

Beaches around the island start to be scattered with a few Maltese and tourists who sunbathe or also go for a short swim. The sun during March can be quite strong so bring with you sunscreen, hat and sun glasses. The UV can already be around 5 to 6.

The countryside in Rabat during the weather in Malta in March time.

When the sun is shining, you might want to wear a t-shirt. Still carry a cardigan around your waist just in case you need it. The afternoons will be more hot than the mornings.

Days get longer as the sun sets after 18.00, with the last week of March setting at 19:00 as the clocks move one hour forward. 

The change of weather from January and February is noticeable as from the morning you feel that the air is warmer. The Maltese will warm their houses less with fireplaces or heaters as they are not that damp.

Windy days are very possible and quite frequent, so are cloudy days with light and heavy rain.

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The weather is getting hotter but still cold with more enjoyable sunny days. The weather in Malta in March is already changing.

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