Weather in Malta in May

Weather Changing Already – Still Fresh But Very Sunny!

What is the weather in Malta in May like? By now the weather is getting hotter. It is one of the best periods to come over. Not too hot but not cold. Definitely by the evening it is fresh and enjoyable for a beautiful walk. Come and enjoy the weather.

A Glance Of What To Expect

Weather In Malta In May

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  • What is the weather like during May?
  • What should I pack or wear?
  • Should I come here during this time of the year?
  • Is it worth visiting Malta in spring?
  • What can you suggest for things to do in Malta in May?
  • Village feasts in Malta. Where should I go to enjoy Maltese culture?
  • What are the cruises and tours we can book?
Tourists sunbathing at St. George's Bay

Statistics For May

Weather In Malta In May
  • Highest Recorded 37°C (99°F) | Lowest Recorded 11°C (51°F)
  • Daily Average: Highest 24°C (75°F) | Lowest 17°C (88°F)
  • Daylight Hours of Sunshine 10.0
  • UV index 8 to 9
  • Rainfall 9mm (0.35")

weather in malta Compared To European Countries

  • Austria: 16°C | 61°F
  • Belgium: 16°C | 61°F
  • France: 15°C | 59°F
  • Germany: 14°C | 57°F
  • Ireland: 11°C | 52°F
  • Italy: 17°C | 63°F
  • Netherlands: 12°C | 54°F
  • Poland: 11°C |  52°F
  • Sweden: 3°C | 37°F
  • Spain: 17°C | 63°F
  • Switzerland: 12°C | 54°F
  • United Kingdom: 13°C | 54°F

What Should I Wear & Pack?

Weather In Malta In May

By this time tourists will be wearing t-shirts and shorts and sunbathing during the day.

Bring with you light sweaters, t-shirts and a light jacket maybe for the mornings and evenings.

It is good to bring with you a raincoat and portable umbrella but the days with rain are just a few if any. It is not unusual to have a short storm, but the weather is already warm by now.  

Countryside close to Rabat during Spring

Sun screen is important as we always recommend in our pages. Hats and sunglasses compliment the basic necessities.

Malta can give you the right stable weather that you are looking for, pack your bags and come over relax, sunbathe and enjoy our heritage and culture.

Find Your Hotel In Malta

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Things To Do During May

Weather In Malta In May

 Take a tour with the hop on hop off around Malta and a separate one for Gozo. In Malta there are two tours one for the north and south of the island. All tours with stops at the many important locations.

A visit to Valletta and mdina is a must and dedicate enough time to see the most important landmarks.

Visit some of the quiet small villages which are not much visited but have a lot to see and explore. We suggest Mqabba, Qrendi and Kirkop. They are located on the other side of the Malta International Airport.

Visit the UNESCO heritage sites. See details about the Megalithic Temples of Malta. Tarxien temples, and Mnajdra temples.

Book a visit the Hypogeum experience from the online site a unique location to see in Malta.

Quick May Weather Malta Taughts

Weather In Malta In May

May is the time to start preparing for summer. It is a great month to come to Malta. Neither too hot, but neither cold, still a bit fresh in the morning and evening. 

Countryside is beautiful although with the lack of rain the greenery starts drying up. Gozo remains greener.

Find Cheap Rates

Find Cheap Rates

The locals are already with summer clothes. The Maltese change to summer clothes very early but they do carry a light cover with them. 

A great time to be in Malta for your holiday. Good time for sunbathing. UV index 8 to 9, so proper cover and creams. 

Daylight is already 10 hours a day. Early sunrise and late sunset gives you a good day to enjoy outside. 

Rain fall is already minimal. See the average temperatures data on this page for a general idea of what you will find. 

If you are coming from a colder country, this is surely like summer for you at the same time neither too unbearably hot sun.  

Tourists walking around Bastion Square in Mdina

May will be surely nice but still it might be risky for bad weather although if it is fine it will be very beautiful. 

Still by this time the weather starts getting more stable. 

Average rainfall in May is 9mm so you should have nice weather.  

During the weekends when the weather is fine you will see the sandy beaches full with people sunbathing, but the sea temperature is still cold but not bad for a good fresh dip.

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