Weather in Malta in October

Cooler at Last Somehow - But Still Beautiful

Are you coming to Malta in October? It is autumn time where the leaves begin to fall.  The weather is still hot but in the evening you need to wear a cardigan. It is lovely to explore and if you want a swim the sea is still lovely.  There are plenty of things to do while here both indoor and outdoor.

Here is what you need to know

- What is the weather in Malta during October?
- Is it the right time to visit Malta?
- What should I pack and wear for my holiday in Malta during October?
- What type of weather do you have here?
- What are the things we can do during October while in Malta? (Read further down)

Statistics for Weather in Malta in October

- Highest Recorded 34°C (92°F) | Lowest Recorded 11°C (52°F)

- Highest Daily Average 25°C (77°F) | Lowest Daily Average 19°C (91°F)

- Daylight Hours Of Sunshine 7.2

- UV Index 5 to 6.

- Rainfall 77mm

Malta Weather Compared to European Countries

- Austria: 10°C | 50°F

- Belgium 11°C | 52°F

- France 12°C | 54°F

- Germany 9°C | 48°F

- Ireland 10°C | 50°F

- Italy 17°C | 63°F

- Netherlands 11°C | 52°F

- Poland 9°C |  48°F

- Sweden -2°C | 28°F

- Spain 18°C | 64°F

- Switzerland 9°C | 48°F

- United kingdom 12°C | 54°F

Weather in Malta in October - What Should I Wear?

- A mixture of summer and mild winter clothes.

- Very light clothes perhaps with a light cardigan for the evening if the weather is slightly chilly. Clothing mentioned in the first months of the year will do for this month.

- It can get chilly at night so pack a light sweater - but during the day it is still warm in the sun.

- We start wearing the light winter clothes in October, but sticking heavy clothes surely not.

- Swimwear, hat, sandles

- A small compact Umbrella will definitely help you stay dry during Malta’s wetter periods, be it from the rain or the sea spray. 

- Sunblock & Sunglasses

- Closed Shoes

Suggestions of Things To Do in Malta During October

- The beaches at this time of the year can be enjoyed, subject that the weather is good and no heavy winds. Take the opportunity to sunbathe with a much less UV index stress. You will be amazed how much you can get sunburnt, use proper protection. 

- Very few Maltese frequent the beaches by now as schools re-open and a different routine is required.

- Discover the beauty of the Blue Grotto in the outskirts of Zurrieq south of the Maltese island. Take a 20 minutes boat trip to see this natural wonder.

- October is the popular month for the Rolex Middle Sea Race. See the start from the Upper Barrakka Gardens viewing gallery over the Grand Harbour or from various vintage points around Valletta. With 131 participants from 29 participated for the 2018 event.

- Participate free of charge at the Notte Bianca open air annual festival within the capital city Valletta. The unusual biggest annual event from 17.00 till late at night. A memorable celebration of arts and culture with state museums and places open free to the public.

- By now the countryside is beautiful covered in greenery after the first rains in September and October. Temperatures are less strong and permits country walks. We suggest Blue Grotto area walking up to the viewing area above the caves. Walk to the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples they are a short distance from the Blue Grotto location.

- Visiting the Blue Lagoon is still fine but tours are less frequented and weather permitting. You will find fewer people and will be great to sunbathe in such an extraordinary location. Stroll around the coastline. Visit the Santa Maria tower. Opening day???? CHECK  

- We also suggest a cruise around the island's coast and a visit to Gozo should not be missed. Links to tours.

- Suggestions of things to do during September and November if you are not sure which month you will be visiting us.

Tours & Cruises

Cruises Around The Islands

Malta Cruises:

Yacht Day Charter with Skipper
Round Malta Day Cruise
Boat Rental Without Licence
Spirit of Malta
Sunset Cruise | Operates on a Sunday only
Spirit of Malta Adventure | Departure on Monday & Thursday
Harbour Cruise - Malta's Galant History | Departure daily from the Sliema Marina.
Mysteries of the Grand Harbour | Departures Monday, Wednesday & Friday all month
Sunday Special | Departures on on Sunday
Underwater Safari | Departures Monday to Saturday in April
Above & Below | Departures Monday, Wednesday & Friday all month

Gozo & Comino Cruises: 

Comino & The Blue Lagoon
Gozo, Comino and The Blue Lagoon
The Best of Gozo and Comino
Travel By Powerboat to Comino and/or Gozo
Full Day 3 Island Sailing Trip | Operates only on a Monday
Boatparty in Malta & Gozo | Departures Wednesday & Friday to Sunday
Gozo Jeep Safari & Comino Cruise | Departures Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

All other cruises start around March when the weather is more settled.

Popular Tours

Full Day Tours:

Discover Gozo - Full Day | Departures Monday, Thursday & Saturday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Full day | Held on Friday
Mdina & Malta Highlights Full Day | Operates Tuesday & Friday

Half Day Tours:

Majestic Valletta Half Day | Operates Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Malta Prehistoric Temple Tour Half day | Held on Saturday
The Three Cities Tour Half Day (Morning) | Operates only on a Wednesday
Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk Extended Half Day (Morning)| Operates only on a Sunday

Sicily Tours:

Sicily Mt. Etna and Modica | Operates Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Sicilies eastern coast with Syracuse, Marzamemi and Noto | Held on Wednesday & Sunday
Sicily Mount Etna and Taormina | Operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Jeep Tours:

Malta Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round
Gozo Jeep Safari Tours | Operates Monday to Sunday all year round
- Defender Jeep Safari Tours: Malta Gozo | Operates Monday to Saturday all year round

Family Tours:

Snorkeling in Malta
Dolphins Swimming
Malta Film Tour
Segway Tour in Malta
Hypogeum in Malta
Sightseeing in Malta | Sightseeing in Gozo
Night tour through Valletta, Mosta and Mdina | Operates on a Tuesday

Other Tours:

Diving for Beginners
Beach Day in Malta
Malta Private Tour
Jet Skiing Malta
Fishing Trips / Deep Sea Fishing / Deep Sea Angling in Malta
Dinner & Show | Held on Wednesday & Friday
Malta in One Day | Operates on Wednesday & Friday

Quick October Weather Malta Taughts

- The intense hear starts easing off.

- On clear nice days it will be very pleasant to walk around with more confortable temperatures to bear and can walk more freely and get tired less.

- It is not unusual for a good thunderstorm with heavy rain can occur during the month.

- Day light average is 7.2 hours, early sunrise and late sunset Days start getting shorter although you will not notice, but sunset is earlier. By 21.00 at night it will be almost dark.

- By now sleeping during the night is more comfortable than the very hot night between June and August.

- The temperature of the sea will still be warm although cooler. But you will surely see just a few Maltese swimming. Tourist from cooler countries will still find it pleasant to sunbath and swim.

- The days are still long although getting shorter. Daylight hours change by the end of the month like most European countries.

- Visiting Malta during October with temperatures dropping to the mid-20s making autumn a delightful time to visit the island if you do not mind the occasional rainfall.

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