Top 20+ Things to Do in Valletta

Our Suggestions Of Places To Go In Valletta

Suggestions of things to do in Valletta and how to enjoy your stay at the most visited location on the island. A variety of ideas of what tourists usually do. We wish to get you started how to spend your time at the capital.

Today Valletta attracts so many visitors from so many countries as it still enchants the people who visit it. It is a living working city with the commercial and administration for the Maltese islands.

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A decorated street in Valletta

The best way to see Valletta is on foot with many things to do and see.

Photographers can delight with the variety of colours contrasting with the rich blue sea, blue sky and the Maltese honey stone colour while walking around. Not least the varied architectural features that have changed over time.

1. St. John’s Co-Cathedral + Caravaggio Painting

People taking photos and walking around St. John's Co-Cathedral.

The beautiful St. John's Co-Cathedral with its stunning interior adorned with gold leaf and marble, typical of the high-baroque period. Your ticket will allow you to visit the museum with the famous tapestries. Buy tickets at the door or take an organised tour.

Taking a tour on your own or with an organized tour and here all the details from an experienced tourist guide.

Michelangelo Merisi known as Caravaggio

Do not miss the famous Caravaggio’s painting the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, the largest and his only signed panting by this master of light and shadow.

2. The Churches Of The Capital

Things To Do In Valletta

St. Catherines church Valletta

Valletta is home to some of the most architecturally beautiful churches on these islands, with 25 churches, although its size measures 900 by 630 metres. We suggest visiting Church of Our Lady of Victories and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church apart from others that you will find along your walking tour. All the churches in Valletta are free to enter, apart from St. John's Co-Cathedral.

3. Upper Barrakka Gardens And The Saluting Battery

The saluting battery being fired at noon.

If you want to enjoy the views of the Grand harbour, go the Upper Barrakka Gardens. Join the many people who go there, take a snack, sit on a bench, take photos. Most of all observe the spectacular view. 

Take the lift from this garden down to the harbour area. Walk along to the Valletta Waterfront Cruise Terminal. Pleasant views great selection of food along the quays from the many restaurants beside each other.

The garden is free to enter. You can visit every day between 07:00 to 22:00. There is a restaurant beside the garden and also a snack bar inside the garden.

saluting battery - Things to do in valletta

At noon every day, the gun salute from the Saluting battery beneath the gardens. It is perhaps the oldest battery still in operation anywhere in the world. Since 500 years ago if used to protect the Grand harbour from intruders. 

lascaris war rooms

Visit this unique ultra-secret British war headquarters complex 150 feet under the Upper Barrakka Gardens with tunnels, chambers and operations rooms where air and sea operations were observed and controlled the operations by the axes within the Mediterranean region.

4. Lower Barrakka Gardens

Things To Do In Valletta

The Lower Barrakka Gardens in Valletta.

The Lower Barrakka Gardens is perfect for a lovely quiet walk overlooking the Grand Harbour from another perspective. Opposite you see the Siege Bell Memorial. The entrance to the garden is free. You can stay as much as you want. There is a restaurant by the garden where you can have lunch or a snack. The garden is open every day between 09:00 to 21:00.

5. Siege Bell War Memorial

The Siege Bell War Memorial opposite Lower Barakka Gardens in Valletta.

The Siege Bell War Memorial on the lower part of St. Christopher Bastion with a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour breakwater entrance with surroundings towns, villages and fortifications all around.

An attractive location for tourists for the great location with surrounding buildings and fortifications hundreds of years old.

6. Grandmaster’s Palace Including The Palace State Rooms And Armoury

A sign of the Palace State Rooms before entrance at Valletta.

The palace state rooms are richly decorated and embellished, showing the historical achievements of the Knights of St. John. A visit should be part of your visit while in Valletta. The Palace Armoury is within the Grandmaster’s palace a showcase of the wealth of the Knights of St. John. Today you find a complete collection of armour and weapons. A ticket needs to be purchased to enter the premises.

7. Fort St. Elmo And National War Museum

People walking around St. Elmo Valletta.

Fort St. Elmo is at the tip of the peninsula between the two main harbours. It has withstood great battles and rebuilt many times to withstand more modern warfare. The present structures date back to the Knights of St. John and the British period.

The Malta War Museum takes you back to the second world war. It is located within this fort nicely recently refurbished with Military Armour of the Order of St John and the Ottoman Turks. Roosevelt’s Jeep ‘Husky’, the Malta award for gallantry and the George Cross. You must buy tickets before entering.

8. Casa Rocca Piccola

Things To Do In Valletta

The facade of Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta Malta.

Casa Rocca Piccola is a 16th century palace in the heart of the capital, beautifully restored. This amazing gem is the only privately owned palace open to the public. It still contains the internal décor of the time located very close to the Grand Master’s palace. A great place to see if you are interested to see something very different while at the capital. Tickets must be bought by the door.

9. The Malta Experience

The Malta Experience is an audio-visual projection, a good way of starting your visit getting to know about the history of Malta. It is located within the La Sacra Infermeria. It is also referred to as the Knighs Hospitaller (referring to one of the names by which the Order were also known). One can but a combined ticket to see the show and visit La Sacra Infermeria.

La Sacra Infermeria (Knight Hospitallers)

La Sacra Infermeria was the main hospital built by the Order of the Knights of St John to care for the sick. At the time it was one of the main hospital in Europe.

10. The Manoel Theatre + Museum

Manoel Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in the world that is still operable. Here, a series of plays, musicals and pantomimes are performed within this theatre. To buy tickets for the museum and theatre to visit.

Apart from this theatre, you will find other various theatres at the capital city. See a show at Mediterranean Conference Centre, Teatru Rjal, Spazzju Kreattiv Theatre at St. James Cavalier and Valletta Campus Theatre.

11. Malta 5D - Things To Do In Valletta

The facade of Malta 5D.

The 5D interactive Valletta experience is a 20 minutes show is an excellent introduction to the history of the Maltese islands. A thrilling experience that brings history to life on screen. Tickets are available at the door before entrance.

12. Fortifications Interpretation Centre

A model of Valletta at the Fortifications Interpretation Center.

Visit the Fortifications Interpretations Centre around 100 metres away from the ferry landing. An ideal place to explore the incredible history of the fortifications in Malta. You need a ticket to enter and it must be bought at the ticket office.

13. National Museum Of Archaeology

Things To Do In Valletta

The National Museum Of Archaeology.

Located in the centre of the capital at the Knights of Malta, housed at the Auberge de Provence in Republic Street. The museum covers the period from the Neolithic Period (5000 BC) up to the Phoenician Period (400 BC). You can buy tickets at the door.

14. MUZA - Things To Do In Valletta

The Museum of Fine Arts (MUZA) at Merchants Street was the original palace where the Italian knights used to live. A collection of works by Maltese and foreign artists. Opened during the 2018 European Capital of Culture. It was one of 15 brand new worldwide museums which opened during that year, as mentioned by the international Architecture Digest. You must buy tickets to enter the premises.

15. Triton Fountain

People walking past the Triton fountain just before entering the city of Valletta.

Walking on your way to enter Valletta you are attracted to the Triton fountain, a real symbol of the sea associated with ancient Greek culture. The famous Maltese sculptor Vincent Apap was inspired by the famous fountains of Rome harmonised decorated with water jets that inspired many photos especially in the evenings.

16. Walk Through Republic Street And Around The Capital

Things To Do In Valletta

Bright red balconies at the south of Valletta.

A stroll through the grid pattern of wide and narrow streets is certainly a must thing to do in Valletta. While walking through the streets, admire the old buildings with the colourful balconies. Streets we recommend you visit for fantastic photography are St. Lucy's street and St. John's street.

These are very famous streets for many local and foreign photography enthusiasts. Tourists are fascinated with the straight roads. A highly advanced road system for the time of 450 years ago. Explore the many architectural buildings, corner niches, palaces, blocks old flats and churches.

17. Walk Along The Fortification Walls

The fortification walls surrounding Valleta Malta.

The massive fortifications built by hand between 1566 and 1570, the shear magnitude of these walls to protect the new capital and Malta. A great walk along the surround’s walls with the seashore along the way. This will be further appreciated if you combine a visit with the Fortifications Interpretations Centre with free entrance will help you appreciate what you see.

18. Karozzin And Dghajsa Ride, Train & Catamaran

A horse-drawn carriage.

A typical horse-drawn cab called the Karozzin is suitable to take a ride round Valletta.

Get yourself on the water and take the Dghajsa (a small colourful traditional Maltese boat) from

Valletta to Birgu and see the Grand Harbour from another perspective. They anchor beside the Customs House. Just 50 metres away from the Upper Barrakka Lift.

Take the train round the capital and the harbour area good way to locate various points of interest around the city.

19. Shops Around The Capital

Things To Do In Valletta

Shops along Merchant street Valletta Malta.

Valletta is the centre of shopping in Malta. Republic Street and Merchants Street, with all the narrow streets surrounding them, are great for shopping. Ever holiday needs some shopping time. You will find plenty of souvenirs to fashion items and accessories by high end international brands.

20. Restaurants, Cafes And Bars

People dining and having a drink at a bar in Valletta.

Valletta has an excellent choice of restaurants for during the day and a quiet evening meal. The city itself boosts several cafes for convenient dining.

A snack and a drink at Valletta Cafe Cordina and Eddie’s Cafe’ at Piazza Regina, enjoying the people sprawling along Republic Street and around. Many locals and tourists stop here for to enjoy the surrounding architecture, people walking around and stopping at shops.

Several other restaurants and cafes surround the streets and squares are very inviting to stop and feel part of this city.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Valletta.

21. Valletta Waterfront

Things To Do In Valletta

People walking along the promenade at Valletta waterfront.

Have lunch or dinner while admiring the luxury cruise liners berthed within the port. Eat at the several open-air restaurants along the waterfront. The atmosphere is great both in the morning and evening.

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How To Get To Valletta

Public Transport

Things To Do In Valletta
  • Visiting the capital city Valletta by public transport is easy and efficient. All buses stop at the bus terminus outside the fortifications beside the city entrance. There are abundant routes from all corners of the island. Click here to find all Valletta bus routes.
  • There is a circular bus (133) that goes round the fortification walls and through the streets.

By Private Car

  • There are signs to Valletta all over the island. It is very easy to get here. Parking here might be a little headache. You have two options, either go round and try find parking or go to one of the car parks on the outside of Valletta and pay a small fee.
  • Option two is easier and you will save a lot of time. Option one you might be lucky to find immediately. If you want to try find parking, we recommend trying Floriana or close to the Police headquarters as it is easier to find parking. You will have a small walk but you avoid paying parking fee.

Ferry Trips

Things To Do In Valletta

  • Catch the ferry from Sliema stopping outside the fortifications. You can also take the ferry boat to Valletta from Sliema ferry quay. Enjoy the amazing views along the way. Very popular with tourists and the fastest way to arrive to the capital.
  • Catch the ferry from the Three Cities (Vittoriosa (Il-Birgu), Senglea (L-Isla) and Cospicua (Bormla), you arrive at the Customs House and in 5 minutes you arrive at the Upper Barrakka Gardens Lift. You will find yourself in the heart of Valletta.

All locations mention on this page are marked on the Google map to help you to identify.

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