Malta Village Feasts 2023

How To Find All Upcoming Feasts For 2023

Date Last Updated: 9th August 2023
Għall-Verżjoni Bil-Malti agħfas hawn

Malta Village Feasts 2023 offers you a complete guide for Malta and Gozo feasts.

If you live or coming for a holiday to Malta and love Maltese culture, this is something you must not miss. Here is the calendar of the feasts in Malta to help you plan your holiday around your favourite feast.

The days of the feasts below are the actual day of the feast of the parish or village. Usually celebrations of a feast are spread along a whole week up until the final feast day.

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Zejtun village decorated for the feast in June.Pavilions and Flags at Zejtun Village

The program or schedule of what happens during the feast week/day differs from one parish or locality to another. To find all the information of what goes on the feast week, there is usually a detailed program found on the village parish website, Facebook page or band club website. These details are usually available from around a couple of weeks before to the actual day of the feast.:center;" data-ad-l Thi

Official tours are organized all year round to visit the Malta village feasts on the days announced in this page. See details of tours.

Click here to find all the Maltese Village Feasts names and months according to village name.

Feasts that are celebrated on the actual day are in Blue.

Malta Feasts Calendar for January

  • 25th - Conversion of St Paul, Mdina
  • 28th - The Holy Family, Iklin
January in Malta Activities
Celebrating Zejtun village feastZejtun Village Feast

Feasts in Malta 2023 for February

  • 10th - St. Paul's Shipwreck, Valletta
  • 10th - St. Paul's Shipwreck, St. Paul's Bay
February Events in Malta

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Festi Malta for March

  • 10th - Jesus of Nazareth, Sliema
  • 12th - St. Gregory the Great, Kercem
  • 19th - St. Joseph, Rabat - Public Holiday
March in Malta Activities

Malta Village Feasts 2023 April

  • 2nd - Palm Sunday - Morning short processions in most of the villages
  • 7th - Good Friday
  • 9th - Easter Sunday
  • 9th - The Risen Christ, Pembroke
  • 23rd - St. Publius, Floriana
Events in April in Malta

List of Local Feasts for May

  • 1st - St. Joseph the Worker, Birkirkara - Public Holiday
  • 3rd - The Holy Cross, Birkirkara
  • 9th - St. George Preca, Swatar
  • 21st - The Annunciation, Tarxien
  • 22nd - Saint Rita, Valletta
  • 28th - St. Paul's Shipwreck, Munxar Gozo
  • 28th - Feast of St. Anthony, Birkirkara
May Events in Malta
The famous Mosta Dome in Malta lit up together with many people have a fun time.Malta Village Feasts - Mosta Dome

Calendar of Feasts in Malta for June

  • 4th - Our Lady of Fatima, Gwardamangia
  • 4th - St. Joseph, Ghaxaq
  • 4th - Holy Trinity, Marsa
  • 11th - Christ the Saviour in the Eucharist, Ghasri Gozo
  • 11th - St. Philip of Agira, Haz-Zebbug Malta
  • 16th - Christ the Saviour in the Eucharist, Rabat Malta

  • 18th - Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fontana Gozo
  • 18th - The feast of Our Lady of the Lily, l-Imqabba
  • 18th - St. Catherine, Zejtun
  • 25th - St. John the Baptist, Xewkija, Gozo
  • 25th - Immaculate Heart of Mary, Burmarrad
  • 25th - St George, Qormi
  • 25th - St. Nicholas, Siggiewi
  • 29th - St. Peter and St. Paul, Mdina
  • 29th - St. Peter and St. Paul, Nadur, Gozo

The 29th June is a public holiday.

June Events in Malta

Festa Malta Dates for July

  • 2nd - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Fleur-De-Lys
  • 2nd - Immaculate Conception, Hamrun
  • 2nd - St. Andrew, Luqa
  • 2nd - St. Paul, Rabat, Malta
  • 2nd - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Sacro Cuor Parish, Sliema
  • 2nd - The Visitation of Our Lady, Gharb, Gozo
  • 2nd - Our Lady of Lourdes, Qrendi
  • 9th - The Annunciation, Balzan
  • 9th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Fgura
  • 9th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Gzira
  • 9th - Our Lady of Relief (Sokkors), Kercem, Gozo
  • 9th - St. Joseph, Kirkop

  • 16th - St. Sebastian, Qormi
  • 16th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Valletta
  • 16th - St. Joseph, Kalkara
  • 16th - St George Martyr, Rabat, Gozo
  • 23rd - St. Joseph, Msida
  • 23rd - St. Margaret, Sannat, Gozo
  • 23rd - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Zurrieq
  • 17th - Our Lady of Holy Doctrine, Tarxien
  • 30th - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Balluta
  • 30th - St. Anne. Marsascala
  • 30th - Christ the King, Paola
  • 30th - Santa Venera, Santa Venera
  • 30th - Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Paul's Bay 
  • 30th - St. Laurence, San Lawrenz, Gozo
  • 30th - Our Lady of Pompei, Marsaxlokk
  • 30th - St. Joseph, Zebbug
July Activities in Malta
March at Zejtun feast.Zejtun Feast

List of Malta and Gozo Feasts for August

  • 6th - Christ Our Saviour, Lija - This feast has been postponed to Thursday 10th August 2023
  • 6th - St. Peter in Chains, Birzebbuga
  • 6th - St. Joseph, Qala, Gozo
  • 6th - Our Lady of Lourdes, San Gwann
  • 6th - St. Dominic, Valletta
  • 10th - St. Laurence, Birgu (Vittoriosa)
  • 13th - San Gejtanu, Hamrun
  • 13th -  San Massimiljanu Kolbe, Qawra
  • 15th - The Assumption of Our Lady: Mqabba | Qrendi | Mosta | Gudja Attard | Ghaxaq | Victoria (Rabat), Gozo | Birkirkara | Hal-Muxi Zebbug
  • 20th - The Assumption of Our Lady, Zebbug, Gozo
  • 20th - Assumption of Our Lady, Mgarr
  • 20th - St. Helen of Constantinople, Birkirkara
  • 20th - Our Lady of Lourdes, Paola
  • 20th - Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stella Maris Parish, Sliema
  • 20th - Assumption of Our Lady, Dingli
  • 20th - St. Leonard, Kirkop
  • 21st - St. Pius X, Santa Lucija

  • *26th - Our Lady of the Girdle, Santu Wistin Valletta
  • 27th - St. Dominic, Birgu (Vittoriosa)
  • 27th - Our Lady of Loreto, Ghajnsielem, Gozo
  • 27th - St. Bartholomew, Gharghur
  • 27th - Maria Regina, Marsa
  • 27th - St. Joseph, Manikata
  • 27th - Conversion of St. Paul, Safi
  • 27th - St. Julian, St. Julian's
August Events in Malta
Fireworks display in Imqabba.Imqabba Fireqorks Display

Malta Festa Dates for September

  • 2nd - Our Lady of the Girdle, Santu Wistin Valletta - *Has been moved to 26th August.
  • **3rd - St. Augustine, Valletta, Santu Wistin Parish
  • 3rd - St. Francis of Assisi, Qawra
  • 3rd - St. Gregory the Great, Sliema
  • 3rd - St. Catherine, Zurrieq
  • 8th - The Nativity of Our Lady (National Holiday): Naxxar | Mellieha | Isla (Senglea) | Xaghra, Gozo
  • 10th - Our Lady of Graces, Zabbar
  • 17th - St. Augustine, Valletta, Santu Wistin Parish - **Has been moved to 3rd September.
  • 24th - Our Lady of Mellieha, Mellieha
  • 24th - Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, Zebbug Malta
September Activities in Malta

List of Village Feasts Malta for October

  • 1st - Our Lady of Rosary, Gudja
  • 1st - Saint Francis in Pjagi, Marsa
  • 8th - Saint Francis, Sliema
  • 13th - Our Lady of Rosary, Marsa
  • 30th - Our Lady of Consolation, Gudja
October Activities

Festi Malta For November 2023

  • 19th - St. John of the Cross, Ta' Xbiex
November Activities

December Fiesta Malta 2023

  • 8th - Immaculate Conception, Bormla (Cospicua) - Public Holiday
  • 8th - Immaculate Conception, Ibrag - Public Holiday
  • 13th - Saint Lucy, Mtarfa

  For Christmas and New Year's dates click here

December Events in Malta

The publications of the Malta village feasts are from the Archdioceses of Malta.

Ground fireworks setup for the evening at Zebbug Malta.Ground Fireworks at Zebbug Malta

What Are The Best Village Feasts On The Island?

  • Without a doubt one of the most popular feasts on the island is the one of Santa Marija (15th August). This feast is celebrated in 9 villages. We suggest you visit the ones in Mosta, Mqabba, Qrendi and Rabat.
  • If you want to go to a more extravagant feast where they celebrate with much passion, you may want to visit Hamrun, the feast San Gejtanu or of the Immaculate Conception. Other villages with massive feasts which we highly recommend you visit are of Zurrieq (23rd July & 3rd September), St George or Sebastian in Qormi.
  • For great firework displays, we highly suggest you go and see the St. Peter in Chains, Birzebbuga ground fireworks which are held usuaully on a Saturday evening. Another village with great fireworks is Lija for the feast of Christ Our Saviour (6th August). Mqabba, celebrated on the 15th August is also a great village for fireworks.

4 Tips Before Going to a Malta Village Feast 2023

  1. The main roads and squares of the village will be closed for traffic during most of the day. If you intend to go, by car, traffic is not permitted through those areas.

  2. As many people attend the feasts, pick-pocketing is at a higher risk. If you are taking a camera make sure you strap it well round your neck. If you are carrying any wallets and mobile phones, make sure they are safe in your pockets.

  3. If your accommodation is near a village that has a feast during the time of your stay, expect to hear fireworks from early in the morning.

  4. Since most of the villages will have fireworks displays you must keep distance from them especially the pyrotechnic displays . Most of the time the air fireworks are fired from the outskirts of the village.
The feast of Valletta.Republic Street Decorated for the Feast

Common Questions People Ask

What is the best way to get to a feast?

The best way would be by bus as you will have no hassle to find parking. You will need to plan early. If you own or are renting a car we suggest that you do not leave late as many roads leading to the village will be closed and parking will be more difficult.

When is the best time to go to a village feast?

Well... the best time is always during summer, mostly during the peak months of June to September.

Do many Maltese people attend the feasts?

Yes, lots of Maltese attend the feasts, especially if one of their patron saints is celebrating their feast.

What do I find in a village feast?

You will find the main village streets decorated with pavilions and lights. Their parish church will be fully decorated from the inside and outside. You will also see fireworks especially the main feasts. On the day of the feast which is generally on a Sunday, most of the parishes will have a procession.

If the photos on here aren't enough we have a page with more photos, have a look at some more village feasts photos

Malta village feasts 2023 at your fingertips. It is amazing how many foreigners look at the details of this page wishing to participate in the local religious cultural feasts.

The word feast is pronounced very similar in other languages: Festas, Fest, Feste, Festi. All this shows the willingness of people of different cultures to participate in such activities.

We would appreciate if you observe any feast that is not in the right date or any missing feast. Please write to us so that we will include it.

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Malta Village Feasts

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