Activities In Malta February 2025

A Colourful Month Of The Year

Date Last Updated: 6th March 2024

The activities in Malta for February 2025 bring an array of exciting events that are waiting to be explored. Although February is still a quiet month for tourism and the weather is still quite cold, there is still so much to see. Whether it's a colourful and lively Carnival festival or the romance of Valentine's Day, there's nothing to keep you from having fun. 

With this guide, you will learn about the best activities, attractions, and events to enjoy during your stay in Malta in February. You can also find helpful tips for a memorable and enjoyable experience, along with answers to common questions.

Uncover the best of Malta this February by embracing its colourful spirit!

Activities in Malta February.Carnival Malta - Activities in Malta February

a brief of what you will find For Activities In Malta In february

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Events In Malta for february

There are many activities you can participate in this month. Plan your activities when visiting Malta during this month by checking out the following list. Seize the chance to learn about and participate in a wide range of events, every month.

1. Malta Carnival 2025 - Activities In Malta February

Carnival floats in Valletta.Floats at Carnival Malta

Carnival in Malta is a centuries-old tradition known for its vibrant celebration, festive spirit, and colourful revelries.

From many months in advance, we Maltese work tirelessly preparing the colour costumes and vibrant floats. All floats are built on large trailers adorned with dazzling figures, showcasing imaginative shapes and vivid colours. Many floats also depict recent and local stories and popular figures.

Elaborate and vibrant costumes swarm the carnival festivities with their delicate detailed sewing of various materials and designs. These meticulously crafted costumes make them very pleasing to the eyes and also the perfect opportunity for capturing stunning photographs.

The main carnival events are held in Valletta will all the defiles, costume and dancing competitions. Other villages around the island also organize other activities but the most popular is that of Nadur Gozo where thousands of people invent all types of costumes and parade around the streets of the village.

Have an idea of what to expect with these 10 photos of the carnival in Malta.

malta carnival details

  • Location: Malta & Gozo (Most popular areas are in Valletta and Nadur)
  • When: Friday 28th February to 3rd March 2025
Click here for Carnival Malta Program 2025

2. valentines day

Teddy Bear with a bouquet of flowers.Valentines Day

It is no secret that Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic holidays in Malta. To signify their affection, couples often exchange gifts, flowers, and cards as tokens of their affection. The romantic atmosphere of a romantic dinner is enhanced by many restaurants which offer special menus and events for Valentine's Day. It is a day that is marked by gestures of love and appreciation, creating an atmosphere of romance throughout each island on this special day.

  • When: Friday 14th February 2025

3. february malta village feasts

Zejtun decorations on their feast in June.Traditional Zejtun Feast Dedicated To Saint Catherine Of Alexandria

A wonderful way of honouring the island's cultural heritage is through the Malta Village Feasts, which celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the island. February is the month of St. Paul's Shipwreck, and this feast stands out as a prominent feast and also is a public holiday in Malta.

See the full list of Malta Village Feasts for February 2024!

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Weather In Malta In february

The Malta weather in February experiences its coldest weather of the year, with sporadic severe storms, irregular rain, and wind, but it can also experience lovely sunny bursts. There is still no better time to discover this Mediterranean treasure than right now, even with the unpredictable weather. It is easier to explore Malta's treasures more thoroughly when its attractions are less crowded. Be captivated by the breathtaking views, especially the greenery spread across wide areas. Take advantage of the island's often erratic, but always fascinating, winter weather.

Beautiful greenery in Malta during the month of February.Countryside in Malta

What To Do In Malta On Your Holiday In february

Take a look at some intriguing things you can do during your February holiday. With three sections - Malta, Gozo, and Valletta - you can explore a wide range of activities in every corner.

Things To Do In Malta In february

  • Embark on a hiking adventure through Malta's stunning scenery, enthralling trekking experiences, and diverse topography.
  • By boat, you will be able to explore the Blue Grotto's limestone caverns and turquoise waters.
  • At the Domus Roman explore historic ruins, come across Roman-era relics, and learn about Malta's rich past.
  • At Ta' Qali discover the WWII aircraft museum, stroll through the crafts village and enjoy the greenery at the national park
  • Wander the narrow streets of Mdina with this walking tour with a certified guide and explore the famous spots of the silent city.

Things To Do In Gozo In February

  • Enjoy the picturesque bay of Marsalforn, unwind by the sea, and explore the quaint coastal ambience of Gozo.
  • Take a step back in time at Ggantija Temples, marvel at these Neolithic temples, and explore the heritage park.
  • Experience expansive views of Victoria while exploring the medieval walls, old houses, and streets of the Citadel.
  • Unwind at Ramla l-Hamra beach, take in the reddish/golden sand and the biggest and most gorgeous beach in Gozo.
  • There are amazing views of the coastline of Gozo from Dahlet Qorrot Bay, a peaceful location on the northern coast of the island.
  • Taking a Tuk-Tuk tour is an enjoyable and exciting way to see the island of Gozo up close.

Things To Do In Valletta In February

  • Explore the treasures and relics of a historic Maltese noble house at the Casa Rocca Piccola while stepping back into history.
  • View Valletta's Grand Harbour from Lower Barakka Gardens, which provides expansive vistas of the surrounding fortified cities and villages.
  • Discover the history of Malta's National War Museum, which is housed within Fort St. Elmo fortification.
  • Enjoy a multimedia experience that transports you back to Malta's history with The Malta Experience audio-visual show.
  • Caravaggio's paintings are housed at St. John's Co-Cathedral, which is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture.

suggestions tours in malta

Touristic locations To Visit In february

Take a look at our recommended must-see locations on this picturesque island, and let us take you on a tour of them.

Cittadella In Gozo

Citadel In Gozo.

There is nothing better than exploring the historical capital of Gozo, the Citadel, which offers breathtaking views, mediaeval architecture, and a rich cultural heritage.


Mdina City Gate.

A fusion of antiquity and baroque beauty, Mdina, Malta's "Silent City," is a secluded enclave perched atop the island and bursting with mediaeval charm and ancient palaces.

Private 5-Day Tour of the Maltese Islands and Valletta

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What's included in the tour:

  • Four nights at a four-star hotel in a double or twin room.
  • Local guide for the second day's half-day excursion to Valletta and Mdina.
  • Local guide for the third day's full tour.
  • The driver on the Gozo Tour speaks English.
  • Daily breakfast included.
  • Enjoying lunch at Marsaxlokk.
  • Taste local pastries.
  • A private transfer upon arrival and departure is included.
  • Throughout the entire tour, private transportation.
  • Ferry Ticket to Gozo.
  • Admission ticket to St. John's Cathedral.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Malta

The Megalithic Temples of Malta offer a fascinating insight into how humankind has crafted structures over millennia and how their culture has flourished.

la valletta malta

Valletta in Malta.

Malta's capital, Valletta, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and the smallest capital in Europe. The Knights of St. John built this fortified city in 1566.

Hagar Qim Temples

Hagar Qim in Malta.

The Neolithic temple of Ħaġar Qim in Malta has megalithic buildings and alignments that provide insights into the sophisticated rituals of prehistoric times.

Where To Stay In Malta During february

You will find a wide range of accommodations in Malta, each tailored to the needs of its guests! In Malta and Gozo, we provide a variety of accommodations, ranging from comfortable flats to elegant 5-star hotels.

Sliema, Valletta, and St. Julian's are all bustling places with a vibrant atmosphere. In this period of the year, Malta has a milder climate than most of the European countries. Take advantage of the allure of these places among many others spread across the islands while enjoying a cosy stay.

Discover which area of Malta is best to stay at and discover more about hotels in Malta on our several pages.

To make an informed decision about your visit, use to find affordable prices and detailed information about many lodging options.

To conclude, this article aimed to provide an insightful overview of activities in Malta during the month of February. Please bookmark this page for February in Malta, offering tailored insights for your holiday planning. Additionally, be sure to check out the unique events and attractions that will be taking place during January and March that might interest you if you decide to change your holiday timing.

Frequently Asked Questions For Activities In Malta february

Is February in Malta a good time to visit?

The calm environment and fewer visitors make Malta an ideal destination for relaxing sightseeing. There is still a serene atmosphere on the island, even though it is usually colder than January on the island. As a result, it provides a more leisurely experience at its attractions away from the standard summer crowds.

How expensive is Malta in February?

When compared to its busiest travel times, Malta is often less costly. Because there are fewer tourists, hotel rates and airfares may be more affordable. Nonetheless, the costs of dining out, visiting places, and transportation often don't change over the year.

How busy is Malta during this time?

February is a month with few tourists, much like January. Because of its continued relative serenity, tourists may enjoy the sights without being surrounded by enormous crowds, making it a great place for a calm and unhurried exploration. Malta has a little increase in the number of visitors during the carnival.

Are there any special festivals or cultural events during February in Malta?

Malta celebrates Carnival during the second or third week of February, especially in Valletta and Nadur in Gozo. Colourful parades, costumes, and loud street parties add a joyful mood across the islands to this pre-Lenten event, which includes dancing, music, and elaborate floats.

more upcoming events in malta

Apart from these events mentioned on this page, you can find more activities in Malta for September from the following links.

If you would like to add an event to our page, kindly contact us.

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Activities in Malta for February.

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