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Date Last Updated: 4th March 2024

Get ready to discover the exciting activities in Malta for March 2024. Spring has arrived, so let's welcome vibrant colours, warm temperatures and increased tourism on the island. There is no shortage of events in March in Malta, from St. Patrick's Day to Easter and Good Friday, marking significant religious observances that are often held during this month. 

In addition to highlighting the best activities, attractions, and events in March, this guide includes useful tips and FAQs to help you make the most out of your trip.

Experience Malta's cultural diversity, festive celebrations, and welcoming spirit this March!

Activities in Malta March.Activities in Malta March

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Events In Malta in march

This month, there are various activities to choose from. Take a look at the list below and plan your visit to Malta for this month. Give yourself the pleasure of exploring the colourful, filled monthly calendar of annual events.

1. holy week in malta

Easter Sunday in Malta.Easter Sunday Procession in Zejtun

Holy week is one of the most important weeks of the year with multiple religious events happening. These religious events dates vary from year to year as sometimes they occur during March and sometimes in April.

During this week the following celebrations will occur:

  • Maundy Thursday: Most churches will open for the seven visits.
  • Good Friday: 3 pm Mass and Good Friday Processions.
  • Holy Saturday: A mass celebration will occur around 8 pm in most churches.
  • Easter Sunday: The running of the statue and Easter Sunday processions will occur in some villages around the islands.
  • When: Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st March 2024
More updates about the walk here

2. Il-Mixja Tal-Ġimgħa Kbira - Puttinu Cares Walk

Il-Mixja Tal-Ġimgħa Kbira, also known as the Puttinu Cares Walk, is a charitable event held annually in Malta. Initiated by Puttinu Cares, a foundation that supports families of children with cancer, this walk represents hope and solidarity. Participants walk together from dawn till dusk, covering considerable distances to raise funds for medical treatment, support, and accommodation.

It begins at midnight on Friday 29th March, and the walk continues until early Good Friday morning. Crowds begin to gather late on Maundy Thursday, and the walk begins at midnight. The walk will start from Mellieha Parish Square Square. (Pjazza tal-Mellieha)  and end at the Granaries (Fosos) Floriana.

The total distance of the walk is around 17 kilometres and will take approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete. Before the marathon begins, a €10 donation will be collected.

  • When: Friday 29th March 2024
  • Time: Starts at Midnight on 29th March.
More updates about the walk here

3. Mużika Mużika

Mużika Mużika Festival is a prestigious platform for Maltese songs in different genres of music such as ballads, rock, pop, R'n'B, jazz, blues, country and much more. Past editions of this festival have lost their way over time, with songs written by international authors and composers, English language lyrics and recorded music.

Thanks to this festival we will once again pay tribute to the Maltese language and our artists, by offering a space where Maltese music can be played and appreciated.

Through a live Orchestra and a fair and rigorous process for the selection of participants, this Festival provides a high-level outlet for Maltese songs. Three nights of music, celebrating our national language and the local talent that is so abundant; a very appropriate space for the Maltese Song.

  • When: Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th March 2024
See More Mużika Mużika Information

4. St. Patrick's Day 2024

St. Patrick's Day in Malta.Drinking on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday, but in recent years has reached our islands. We do not have an official public holiday but we celebrate it like every other event on the island.

It is celebrated with lively events, pub gatherings, and themed parties by locals and expats alike. Traditional Irish music, dance, food, and drinks are served at various Irish pubs and venues in Malta during these celebrations.

Check out what events are being held on this day through our detailed page about St. Patrick's Day in Malta.

  • Location: Around Malta especially St. Julian's & Paceville
  • When: Sunday 17th March 2024

5. Gaulitana: A Festival Of Music

An international springtime music festival, organized by the Gaulitanus Choir from Gozo, the Gualitana Festival takes place every year in springtime in Malta. It is spread over a period of one month, now very established as a major artistic undertaking on the islands of Malta. It has always sought to create a podium to enrich Gozo’s cultural product in the quieter months of winter.

The activities are held at various locations from heritage sites to open-air sites to the opera houses in the capital Rabat.  The festival has a mix of live painting, art and literature, with vocal or instrumental lunchtime or evening occasions from classic to semi-classic, a mixture where you can find your interest to visit this island for some interesting time.

The festival reaches its climax with the OPERA+Weekend,  a wealth of quality events surrounding the opera week.

  • Location: Various localities around Gozo
  • When: Saturday 23 March – Sunday 21 April, 2024
  • Time: 19:00
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6. Spring Equinox

There is a great deal of cultural and historical significance associated with the Spring Equinox in Malta, particularly at ancient temple sites such as Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim. In the Neolithic period, temples were built precisely to align with celestial events like equinoxes. As the sun rises, specific areas within these temples are illuminated, marking the transition into spring. It is a very popular event that attracts many people to these temples.

  • Location: Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples
  • When: Wednesday 20th March 2024
  • Time: 05:30

7. march Village Feasts in malta

Malta village feasts.Ground Fireworks For Zebbug Malta Feast

Malta Village Feasts are an excellent way to commemorate the island's rich cultural heritage, which is celebrated throughout the year. These celebrations brim with vibrant events and sacred traditions. The feasts of Jesus the Nazarene, St Gregory the Great, and St Joseph Rabat are the highlights of the feast month of March. During the feast, you will be able to enjoy fireworks and traditional Maltese band processions.

Explore the comprehensive list of Malta Village Feasts including the dates for March 2024!

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Weather In Malta In march

Malta's weather in March brings Malta's temperature a considerable increase as well as longer days, making it a pleasant place to discover its charms. The weather is warming up, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of Malta's beauty. The limited number of tourists makes for a pleasant visit, and the residents begin swimming in the cold sea. In the springtime, it's a great time for relaxing hikes around the countryside, allowing you to see Malta's rural charm as well as how the countryside blooms.

The colourful streets of Birgu Malta.Narrow Streets in Birgu Malta

What To Do In Malta On Your Holiday In march

Find out what you can do on your holiday in Malta with our extensive list of things to do. To help you better understand what there is, we have separated it into three different sections, Malta, Gozo, and Valletta.

Things To Do In Malta In March

  • You can enjoy a gorgeous sandy beach with clear water at Golden Bay, one of the favourite tanning beaches on the island.
  • Explore the tranquillity of Mellieha, a village that offers picturesque views and a quiet atmosphere in the northern part of the island of Malta.
  • Tour the underground St. Agata's Catacombs, one of the oldest burial spots in Malta, for a glimpse into Malta's past.
  • Take a cruise on the 'Blue Lagoon Malta Cruise' which will take you across crystal-clear waters to charming islands on the Maltese coast.
  • What is better than roaming the streets of the capital via a Segway Tour? Travel through Valletta's streets exploring its rich history and unique baroque architecture.

Things To Do In Gozo In March

  • Gozo Island offers stunning scenery, an abundance of historical significance, and a wealth of cultural treasures.
  • Experience the tranquillity of Marsalforn Bay, a charming village by the sea with a lively promenade.
  • During a visit to the Citadel, see the expansive views of Victoria and surrounding villages while exploring its medieval walls, old houses, and streets.
  • At Xlendi Bay relax on the beach, dine at one of the many restaurants, and admire the stunning Gozitan coastline.
  • Explore the famous Azure Window ruins and the breathtaking coastline landscapes of the 'Dwejra Bay' that are renowned for their beauty.
  • A fun and exciting way to explore the island of Gozo while zooming through the streets in a Tuk-Tuk. A guaranteed all-inclusive tour including ferry trips and transfers.

Things To Do In Valletta In March

  • At the Upper Barrakka Gardens, perched atop the old Knights of St John fortifications, experience the surroundings and sweeping views of Grand Harbour.
  • Malta 5D cinema offers thrilling interactive experiences for an interesting journey through Malta's history.
  • Discover the splendour of the Valletta Churches, which have a variety of architectural styles, historical significance, and artistic treasures.
  • Marvel at Caravaggio's masterworks at St. John's Co-Cathedral and immerse yourself in the holy culture of the Knights of St. John.
  • A visit to the National Museum of Archaeology reveals an amazing collection and offers a deep insight into the historical background and heritage of Malta.

suggestions tours in malta

Tourist Attractions To Visit In march

We would be happy to help you navigate this picturesque island with our list of must-see attractions that you must not miss.

St. John's Co-Cathedral

St. John's Co-Cathedral.

The jewel of Valletta is St John's Co-Cathedral, a top-rated Maltese cathedral with interesting audio tours displaying sublime art, Baroque splendour, and Caravaggio's masterpieces.

Roman Villa At Rabat

The Roman Villa Rabat Malta.

Well-preserved Roman ruins, The Domvs Romana, near Mdina, offer a window into the opulence of an aristocratic family. Tourists are drawn in by the history, statues, and original mosaics.

The Malta Pass

There are a lot of things you will be able to do with The Malta Pass, including unlimited hop-on-hop-off bus rides, several historical sites, and Captain Morgan's Grand Harbour Cruise. By taking advantage of this offer, you will be able to save on admission fees, transportation, and even experiences, as well as learn about Malta's history and visit some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

  • Flexible options are available in 3, 6, or 7 days to accommodate various types of itinerary.
  • Enabling travel on open-top buses and boats.
  • Explore more than 20 museums and historical places.
  • Unlimited bus hop-on-hop-off privileges, including a 12-language audio tour.
  • Take a Grand Harbour Cruise with Captain Morgan to see the finest of Malta from the water.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Malta

Discover Malta's Neolithic heritage by visiting the Megalithic Temples, which are preserved through striking architectural ruins.

Hypogeum Of Hal Saflieni

Hypogeum in Malta.

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground burial complex dating back to 4000 BC, has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a three-level underground burial complex.

Tarxien Temples Malta

Tarxien Temples in Malta.

The greatest Megalithic structure in Malta, Tarxien Temples, features sculptures, ancient artwork, and unusual fertility symbols. UNESCO site including accessible audio tours and educational paths.

Where To Stay In Malta During march

Discover the exciting array of accommodations that Malta has to offer across the enchanting islands of Malta and Gozo! A variety of comforts and amenities are offered to all incoming tourists, from cosy apartments to luxurious 5-star hotels.

A warmer climate signals the start of the tourist season in March, bringing in more visitors to the archipelago. Stay in accommodations that match the island's energy and summer's growing excitement while enjoying the island's vibrancy.

Deep dive through our several pages focused on hotels in Malta and also check out which area in Malta is best to stay at.

To make an informed decision about your visit, use to find affordable prices and detailed information about many lodging options.

We provide advice on events and activities in Malta for January to assist with travel planning. It is our goal to arm you with useful knowledge to make your experience more enjoyable. We trust this guide has offered valuable insights into Malta's January ambience. Explore this month in Malta and plan your holiday accordingly. Discover what February or April brings to the islands for a variety of experiences and attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Activities In Malta march

Is March in Malta a good time to visit?

March marks the end of winter and brings with it milder weather and the last month with fewer tourist arrivals. Savour the few sunny days for sunbathing, even though the water may still be too chilly for swimming. This creates a pleasant ambience for walking across the green landscape.

How expensive is Malta in March?

Due to the least number of tourist arrivals, lodging and airfare may be less expensive. There is no change in the price of tourist attractions throughout the year. As far as transportation, dining, and shopping are concerned, they are mostly unchanged.

How busy is Malta during the month of March?

Malta has the least amount of visitor arrivals as March goes on. March marks the end of winter and the arrival of longer, brighter spring days. Even if there is constant activity throughout the island, enjoying tourist attractions is better due to fewer  tourists.

Are there any special festivals or cultural events during March in Malta?

Malta enthusiastically celebrates St. Patrick's Day in March, especially at pubs with live music and big parties at St. Julian's and Paceville area. Good Friday and Easter are celebrated in March or April, depending on the year. It's wonderful to be here for the distinctive celebration, which is always a tremendous occasion for the Maltese people.

more upcoming events in malta

Apart from these events mentioned on this page, you can find more activities in Malta for September from the following links.

If you would like to add an event to our page, kindly contact us.

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