Malta Public Holidays 2022

a calendar of holidays celebrated in malta

Date Last Updated: 15th March 2022

The Malta Public Holidays list for 2022 and 2023.

A further list for the coming years of important dates celebrated in Malta connected to the festi Maltin (Maltese feasts), bank holidays, Pentecost, Advent, Halloween, Mother's and Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Black Friday.

You can read further about all public and national holidays where they have a special significance for these islands. They commemorate specific events that marked dramatic change in our history either religious or historical events.

They are mostly linked to the Malta village religious feasts dating back to several years of traditions.

what is a public holiday?

  • A public holiday also known as a National holiday, is a legalised day where schools, businesses and government institutions are closed for the day.

table of contents - Malta public holidays

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Official Malta Public Holidays

how many malta public holidays are there?

  • There are 14 public holidays annually.

New Year's Day

  • The Maltese greet each other on this day by saying Happy New Year (English) or Is-Sena T-Tajba(Maltese).
  • The season of Christmas continues despite Christmas being one week before.
  • On this day the Maltese have lunch at a local restaurant or at their families house. Most gatherings happen at tea time were relatives meet at each other.
  • Children from schools and universities are on holidays. All business establishments and government departments are closed for this day.
  • This is the first day of the modern Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar.

dates of new years day - 1st January

  • Saturday - 2022
  • Sunday - 2023

Feast Of St. Paul's Shipwreck

  • It is said and mentioned in the Catholic bible that St. Paul landed in Malta on his way to Rome during a heavy storm back to A.D. 60. The Roman vessel was shipwrecked on our islands shores due to a very heavy storm.
  • This is a public holiday where the shops and offices are closed. The Maltese chose this day as a remembrance of his visit.

Days of St. Paul Feast - 10th February

  • Thursday - 2022
  • Friday - 2023

Feast Of St. Joseph

  • 19th March is a special day in Malta and other countries celebrating the feast of St. Joseph.
  • The village of Rabat is highly decorated with lights, colourful banners and lit up column lanterns.
  • Many parishes around the island celebrate this feast with special liturgy and mass at their respective parish churches and hold processions around the village streets.
  • On this day all restaurants and bars are open. Offices are closed and public transport operates normally.

public holidays for St. Joseph - 19th March

  • Saturday - 2022
  • Sunday - 2023

Freedom Day

  • This important milestone was achieved during 1979 when the complete withdrawal of the British troops and Royal Navy marines left the island.
  • This was an important milestone in the islands history. For so many centuries the islands were dominated by many foreign countries.
  • The Freedom Day monument is located at Birgu. It commemorates this event very close to the location where the last troops left the island.

Public holidays Dates - 31st March

  • Thursday - 2022
  • Friday - 2023

Good Friday In Malta

  • Good Friday 'Il-Ġimgħa il-Kbira' forms part of the Easter Holy Week, very special for all devout Roman Catholics.
  • In Malta it is a special time too where the local population is very much integrated with the spiritual aspect of this feast.
  • The Good Friday processions are very elaborate with statues and many individuals from the respective villages take part in the processions dressed in period costumes. There are 21 processions in Malta and Gozo to choose which to attend.

Good Friday days for 2022/23

  • Friday 15th April 2022
  • Friday 7th April 2023

Labour Day

  • Also known as International Workers Day, in certain countries is also called Labour Day or even May Day. It is a world celebrated day although there are countries that celebrate it in different dates.
  • On 1st May 2004 Malta celebrates the commemoration of when it joined the European Union.
  • The village of Birkirkara celebrates the feast of St. Joseph on 1st May.
  • In Malta, political parties celebrate this day with their own activities.
  • This day is related to the eight-hour week that the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions which came into effect on 1st May 1886.

labour day public holidays - 1st May

  • Sunday - 2022
  • Monday - 2023

Sette Giugno

  • A commemoration of the riots by the Maltese during the British rule that took place on 7th June 1919. After World War l there were price hikes which angered the workers and subsequently riots.
  • The Maltese wanted to have some sort of representative government through which they could communicate their needs.
  • This important day was considered as the first step towards the island’s independence process from the British rulers.
  • Sette Guigno is an Italian words translated in 7th June since at the time the Italian language had a promenance.

sette giugno public holidays - 7th June

  • Tuesday - 2022
  • Wednesday - 2023

Feast Of St. Peter & St. Paul

  • A religious feast dedicated and celebrated since before the time of the Knights of St. John meaning before 1530.
  • It is more of a pleasure feast than a religious one. It takes place at the Buskett gardens on the outskirts of Rabat where there are exhibitions by farmers and heardsmen.
  • The feast extends through the night with local Ghana singing which is local folk music.
  • In the morning of the 29th people flock again to the gardens to see the exhibits.
  • In the afternoon at Rabat there are the horse and donkey races.

feast dates - 29th June

  • Wednesday - 2022
  • Thursday 2023

Feast Of The Assumption Of Our Lady

  • It is officially the feast of the Assumption of Mary in the religious calendar. For the Maltese it is known as the Santa Maria feast.
  • It is highly celebrated at the peak of the summer season. Eight village feasts celebrated together and also a public holiday culminating in many shutdowns during the days of August.
  • If you love feasts, fireworks, colourful decorated village streets, band marches, churches in their best vestments, here you can enjoy.

public holidays for santa marija - 15th August

  • Monday - 2022
  • Tuesday - 2023

Feast Of Our Lady Of Victories

  • It is a celebration for three specific victories.
  • When the Knights of St. John won the great battle, known as the Great Siege against the Turkish invaders in 1565.
  • The rebellion against the French occupation of Malta which ended on 4th September 1800.
  • Italy during World War ll surrendered at the end of 1943.
  • The traditional regatta (boat races) are held every year on this day where villages around the port area compete between them within the Grand Harbour which is well attended.

dates for this feast - 8th September

  • Thursday - 2022
  • Friday - 2023

Independence Day

  • After so many centuries of domination, the Maltese succeeded to acquire with so much sacrifice the Independence from the British Empire.
  • The Maltese flag was raised for the first time as its national flag. The celebrations were held at the Independence Arena, Floriana very close to the monument which commemorates this event.
  • From this day Malta became an independent state as a Constitutional Monarchy. The queen of England Elizabeth ll became the head of state. This changed when the next step.

malta independence day dates - 21st September

  • Wednesday - 2022
  • Thursday - 2023

Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

  • In Malta it is very dear to the Maltese people. All village parish churches celebrate this feast with liturgical functions.
  • One parish in particular celebrate the Immaculate Conception feast at Birgu. Through time it has become a Public Holiday like many other countries around the world.
  • All schools, university and offices are closed. All public transport operates with its normal schedule. All restaurants and bars are open.
  • The Maltese take the opportunity to rest and also take a trip to Gozo if it collides with the weekend.
  • On the other hand Christmas is close and many take the opportunity to start decorating their houses and buying present.

feast dates - 8th December

  • Thursday - 2022
  • Friday - 2023

Republic Of Malta Day

  • In 1979 Malta became a Republic. The Queen of England which was up till then the Head of State for Malta. This was brought about by further negotiations with the British government, by the then Labour Party and Dom Mintoff as Prime Minister for a complete independence of the Maltese people.
  • Gieh ir-Repubblika is the annual honouring ceremony at the President’s palace Valletta where important distinguished persons and even foreigner who have contributed and honoured the Maltese people.

republic of malta dates - 13th December

  • Tuesday - 2022
  • Wednesday - 2023

Christmas Day

  • It is the commemoration when Jesus Christ was born. Christmas is so special on these island. It is celebrated by everyone from young to old. Decorations, shopping, celebrations, processions carrying Baby Jesus and singing Christmas carols around the village streets. This is the time of family get together.
  • During this day, if you are here in Malta, you will notice that the streets are almost deserted as it is the time for the family to meet for Sunday Lunch at each other’s houses or our to restaurants and hotels. In the morning many go to church mass and afterwards join family or friends to celebrate.

when is christmas day? - 25th December

  • Sunday - 2022
  • Monday - 2023

Other Famous Yearly Celebrations

Epiphany, Christian Religious Feast

  • This day is celebrated on a Sunday instead on the official day as around fifty years ago it was removed from the national public holiday list and became a normal working day.
  • The Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God the son as a human being in Jesus Christ. It is the conclusion of the Christmas festivities.
  • On this day the Magi or the three kings: Gasper, Balthazar and Melchior to Baby Jesus who were distinguished foreigners went to Bethlehem after having following a star to give him the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The Ghajnsielem live crib in Gozo ends with this reenactment.

epiphany dates - 6th January

  • Thursday - 2022
  • Friday - 2023

Carnival Malta

  • Carnival days are always celebrated from Friday to the following Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.
  • The Maltese are very enthusiastic for these days where many prepare for many months before, especially those who participate in the defiles with grotesque floats and elaborate costumes.
  • A program of events are organised in Valletta and in several villages around the island. It is also held in Victoria, Gozo.
  • Thousands attend Nadur, Gozo where they organise kids carnival dances coming from primary schools and adult companies perform their dances in the square.
  • In the evening the most popular of all is the spontaneous carnival along the streets of the village.

when is carnival in malta?

  • Friday 25th February to Tuesday 1st March 2022
  • Friday 17th February to Tuesday 21st February 2023

Valentines Day

  • It is known to be the most romantic day of the year. Like many other countries Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is day where many people give or receive present of cards, flowers, jewellery.
  • A restaurant is ideal for a great meal with plenty local restaurants to choose from with all types of cuisines you can think off.
  • There are those who decide for an extravagant accommodation to a romantic dinner at one of the main first class hotels n the islands especially if this day happens to be with or part of a weekend.

when is valentines day? - 14th February

  • Monday - 2022
  • Tuesday - 2023

Ash Wednesday

  • Ash Wednesday is the day of repentance. It indicates the start of Lent. It always falls after the last day of carnival which is Tuesday. During holy mass the priest places the ashes on the parishioners’ forehead while at the same time makes the sign of the cross. This symbolise repentance for sin.
  • It is a normal working day for every one including schools are open. All entertainment establishments are open as every other day.
  • In Maltese it is called - "L-Erbgħa tar-Randan” or “Ras ir-Randan".
  • It is a day of fasting for those who are religions and follow the Roman Catholic teachings.
  • It is the start of the 40 days of lent where the Church motivates Christians to read a short part from the Bible, participate in the sacraments and in the spiritual Lenten sermons.

when is ash wednesday?

  • Wednesday 2nd March 2022
  • Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Palm Sunday

  • Palm Sunday is always the Sunday before Easter. It is the commemoration of the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem where palm branches were places in his way while entering the city.
  • It marks the beginning of the Holy Week which is the last week of Lent. All parishes in Malta and Gozo celebrate this event. Olive branches are blessed with Holy Water and the participants can take some at home.
  • By this day all churches are decorated for the Holy Week. All procession statues are displayed. If you will be in Malta but unable to attend the Good Friday processions, you can still see the statues during the opening times of the churches. See the village procession list on this pages.

palm sunday dates

  • Sunday 10th April 2022
  • Sunday 2nd April 2023

Easter Sunday

  • Easter Sunday is a very well celebrated day where it is the day of the risen Christ. Many parishes celebrate a procession with the statue of the risen Christ around the streets of the village. There are those who make the runs with the statue  from corner to corner of the next street. The very popular ones are at Birgu and L-Isla where many many people attend along the way form many other villages.
  • It is a tradition on the islands to celebrate lunch with the family where they are all gathered all together and have lunch. There are others who go out to restaurants where normally they are mostly full.
  • Easter time is also the indication of the starting of spring for the Maltese as the weather by now is starting to be already hot although not always.

when is easter?

  • Sunday 17th April 2022
  • Sunday 9th April 2023

Bank Holiday

  • Easter Monday in Malta is not a public holiday. It is a normal working day. It is also called Boxing Day which is the way the Maltese call it.
  • This day is one of the two bank holidays in Malta. The first one falls the first Monday after Easter Sunday where all bank services are closed. It is a holiday only for the banking sector. Services on line operate normally.
  • All the rest of the working force works normally.
  • Schools, collages and the university will still be on holidays.
  • Traffic on the roads is normal since the majority since every one will be working through schools are closes.

easter bank holiday dates

  • Monday 18th April 2022
  • Monday 10th April 2023

Mother's Day

  • It is a day celebrated with may other countries all over the world. It always falls on a Sunday. It is an opportunity of the local population to dedicate more time to their mothers.
  • It is the day where cards, flowers and present are offered to mothers.
  • It is customary for the families to gather together for Sunday lunch either at home or at a restaurant. Many take the opportunity for a day out or a picnic in the countryside where all the country side is still in full green and the sun is not that hot.

when is mothers day?

  • Sunday 8th May 2022
  • Sunday 14th May 2023

Ascension Day

  • Ascension Day is exactly the 40th day after Easter or else 39 days after Easter Sunday. It falls on a Thursday and up to the 1970’s it was a public holiday, when government had removed it the church celebration was moved to the following Sunday.
  • On this day it is commemorated the physical departure of Jesus from Earth by being taken up body and soul to Heaven to re-join God the Father. This is according to Christian belief. This is a reminder where all of us hope to go.
  • All churches in Malta and Gozo celebrate this commemoration during all Sunday mass.

when is ascension day?

  • Thursday 26th May 2022
  • Thursday 18th May 2023

Pentecost Day

  • Pentecost is celebrated in the Christian Church as the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles ten days after the celebration of Ascension Day. It is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter each year.
  • According to the Holy Bible in the new Testament the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles where they started talking in different languages. This all happened while they were praying together at the Shavuot festival.
  • The people around them on hearing them speaking the unfamiliar language said that they were drunk. Saint peter on hearing this explained that they were inspired by the spirit. It is here that he delivered the first Christian sermon where 3000 people were converted and baptised.

pentecost day dates

  • Sunday 5th June 2022
  • Sunday 28th May 2023

Father's Day

  • Father's Day is a celebration to honor the responsibility of fathers and forefathers.
  • It is customary to visit the father’s that have died at the cemeteries where on this day they are open for the general public.
  • In Malta it is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Malta observes this normality. On this same day many villages have their own village feast. It is celebrated in the same way as mother’s day. People go out to restaurants, visit each others homes, and also visit old aged fathers at homes for the elderly.  It is also a time of exchanging cards and presents. It is also customary to buy plants 

when is fathers day?

  • Sunday 19th June 2022
  • Sunday 18th June 2023


  • Halloween has become popular in recent years. This tradition might have become popular in Malta due to the several films and TV series that highlight this day on American films and TV series.
  • Many locals dress up with costumes and take round their kids trick or treating from house to house. It is very popular in Swieqi and Pembroke area.
  • There are mixed feelings about it in Malta. It is not in the Maltese culture to celebrate Halloween.
  • Many parties are now being organized for big gatherings of youths at various clubs across the island which are mostly done during the weekend when Hallowen falls during the week.

When is Halloween?  - 31st October

  • Monday - 2022
  • Tuesday 2023

All Saints' Day

  • The month of November is synonymous with the feasts of All Saint’s day and All Soul’s day are both Christian celebrations on the first two days of this month. These are spiritual holidays.
  • On 1st November the Catholic Church commemorates those saints which are recognised and unrecognised.
  • This day is very dear to the Maltese where they observe the spiritual day very well with dedicated mass for all Saints.
  • It is the acknowledgement of their dedicated lives of these saints which led them to be persecuted or even killed.

all saints day dates - 1st November

  • Tuesday - 2022
  • Wednesday - 2023

All Souls' Day

  • The 2nd November is the day where all Christians remember their loved ones who have passed away.
  • Each year the month of November is dedicated to the dead and so all cemeteries open their doors for the general public for every opportunity to come and visit their loved ones leave flowers and light candles on their graves.
  • Special masses are held to pray for those that need to be forgiven to enter into Heaven.

all souls day dates - 2nd november

  • Wednesday - 2022
  • Thursday - 2023

Black Friday

  • Black Friday has been with us for a number of years. Today sales are not only on this day nut are extended over all week.
  • It has become a household name in so short a time span. At the end it only means sales. It took off well as importers and buyers both gain from incentives on daily normal prices.
  • There are discounts on all fronts from household to clothing to restaurants and hotels offering weekend breaks at low prices.
  • This day also means crowds, queues, standing up long enough to get tired and not least traffic jambs. People go round days before to notice prices of products they are interested to buy then on Black Friday they just go for them.

black friday dates

  • Friday 25th November 2022
  • Friday 24th November 2023

The Four Weeks Of Advent

first week

  • Sunday 27th November 2022
  • Sunday 3rd December 2023

second week

  • Sunday 4th December 2022
  • Sunday 3rd December 2023

third week

  • Sunday 11th December 2022
  • Sunday 10th December 2023

Last week

  • Sunday 18th December 2022
  • Sunday 17th December 2023

Bank Holiday

when is the bank holiday? - 26th December

  • Monday - 2022
  • Tuesday - 2023

Malta Public Holidays is a useful information page about our Maltese feasts and other celebrated days.

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